Lest We Forget: American Lies and Hypocrisy About W.M.D.: Chemical Weapons

Chemical weapons are basically gases such as Mustard Gas, VX nerve agent and sarin nerve agent. There are undoubtedly others but these are the main three. The U.S. forgot to inform the world when it was lying about President Saddam Hussein's non-existent chemical weapons' arsenal, that it had 30,000 tonnes of this evil weaponry.

The United States has tens of thousands of tonnes of the above chemical nerve agents and apparently feels it is entitled to them but would be aspirant nations are not. The U.S. actually ratified an arms control treaty: Chemical Weapons Convention in 1997 which requires that it destroy its chemical weapons arsenal. The U.S. has so much of these weapons of mass destruction that it will be out of compliance. It has until 2012 to destroy these horrible weapons but will probably not eliminate the stockpile until possibly 2020. I also would not be surprised if the U.S. were to abrogate the treaty and simply pull out of it, under the pretext, that some nation might have one old mustard gas canister on a missile. After all, this is the U.S. we are talking about.

Yes it is true the U.S. is slowly reducing these stockpiles. Sometimes the army burns the weapons at very high temperatures (Incineration) but of course this lovely substance is then released into the atmosphere and reports of mercury contamination from mustard gas burning have been reported.

The army may also simply attempt to render the chemical agents non-lethal through dilution in what is called Neutralisation. This uses such high-tech methods such as hot water!

Yet there are such vast stockpiles of these horrible weapons of mass destruction that many of the sites where these weapons are stored have not even begun the process of destruction. Examples are Pueblo, Colorado and Richmond, Kentucky. Did Mr Bush in the run-up to war inform the American public and the global community that we had 30,000 tonnes of material that we felt Saddam Hussein could not possess and merited an invasion? Did Mr Bush explain why we had these weapons and why they were created in the first place? Did Mr Bush even attempt to say that we had a vast arsenal and were in the process of dismantling it?

This is the typical hypocrisy  and hauteur of a rogue state with no sense of planetary guardianship that is a disgrace to its people and the international community.

A source: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, July/August, 2007 pp. 24-25.

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