Welcome Mr President: Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is now Blogging.

One can access a link to his new blog at my Blogroll on the right. The Iranian president is outspoken, refreshing and unwilling to accede to diktat by the American-British-Israeli alliance.

I agree that Iran is entitled to nuclear power and energy and hope that a denuclearised Middle East will lead to a dampening of Iran's nuclear ambitions and the removal of these weapons from Israel.

I think Iran's support of Hezbollah is inevitable in that Israel, its main adversary, is supported by the U.S. I think if the U.S. wanted to constrain Iranian influence in the region it should adopt a peaceful diplomatic approach through constructive engagement, and not one of mass murder and blind support of Israeli butchery of civilians. Also with the illegal invasion of Iraq, I think the U.S. has no business in critiquing other nation states geostrategic ambitions in the region. Nations will balance against the troika of U.S., U.K. and Israel.

 Iranian President Ahmadinejad

I think President Ahmadinejad's statements about Israel and the Holocaust have been mixed. He is correct that the establishment of Israel was not without grave and horrendous disruption of the Palestinians living in the area and that they have suffered for a crime, World War II killings, that they did not participate in. He is correct that questioning the Holocaust is a crime in many states, David Irving in prison in Austria for example, and is courageous in subjecting that tragic event to revisionism. Historians cannot exclude seminal events from inquiry.

He is correct in stating that Israel lost the current war with Hezbollah but, like Mr Bush who claims Israel was victorious, should be more reflective on the horrors that the I.D.F. perpetrated against civilians and look beyond victory toward the animalistic, brutal, sadistic nature of conflict.

President Ahmadinejad is not correct in calling for elimination of Israel but in the Middle East, that type of rhetoric is not unusual. Well, how about the U.S. when Mr Bush called Iran a component of the "Axis of Evil." Leaders in the U.S., Israel and Iran are equally culpable of belligerent rhetoric and should adopt a more professional and civil tone so that innocents are not swept up perpetually in the anvil of war and racism.

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