Lest We Forget: American Lies and Hypocrisy About W.M.D.: Nuclear Weapons

A recent post was about chemical weapons and this is about the nuclear component of the W.M.D. triad. The term "triad" usually refers to land, air and sea-launched nuclear weapons but the Bush administration, for pure propaganda purposes, chose to include chemical and biological as weapons of mass destruction in their prewar "justification" for preemption against a nation that had not provoked an attack.

Mr Bush, one of the world's most dangerous terrorists, did not bother to offer contrasts in his murderous plot to transform the Middle East into an American condominium. The U.S. has 10,000 nuclear weapons and yet our "national security" was supposedly, gravely threatened and our vital strategic interests were compromised by merely an alleged, advanced Iraqi nuclear programme. Of course there was none and the criminal Bush administration knew it. I did not see Mr Bush indicating that of the 10,000 thermonuclear fusion weapons, about 5,700 are operational, not in storage, not spares and thousands are on alert.

Since the dawn of the nuclear age, the U.S., the only nation to use these weapons in combat, has produced some 70,000 of these weapons. Yet there is no mention that the U.S. has so many of these weapons, that if they were used, the Earth's population would be utterly ravaged if not reduced to penury. There is no mention that the U.S. has NO intention, repeat NO intention of eliminating these weapons and even signed the Strategic Offensive Reduction Treaty (S.T.O.R.T.) treaty in 2002 that has no verification regime and no requirement that fission-fusion-fission warheads be destroyed.

So don't expect the U.S. anytime soon, to reduce its arsenal below a few thousand–although the numbers have been declining since the end of the Cold War–to a level consistent with national defence. Yet expect the U.S. to continue to demand that the Irans, the North Koreas and other states not be allowed to acquire these systems and to exploit cynically even a "weak", non-first strike deterrent to justify spending  a trillion dollars on evil and monstrous Alaska and California-based B.M.D.–ballistic missile defence. 

In the run-up to the terrorist attack against a weak and non-threatening Iraq, the Bush administration did not mention that Israel, its partner in colonisation and crusading imperialism, has perhaps 100-150 nuclear weapons–probably bombs. Israel has not ratified the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and apparently has no intention of doing so. Its nuclear weaponry has been an open secret for decades and no one denies the nuclear status of Israel. Yet the Bush administratiaon ignores this and focussed on Iraq prior to March 19, 2003 and on Iran as if a Muslim bomb is evil but a Jewish bomb is not. A reasonable approach to this issue would be to require Israel to denuclearise, as we did with Libya and simultaneously receive Iranian fool-proof cooperation to adhering to I.A.E.A. safeguards and on-site unannounced inspections at any and all declared or non-declared facilities. A nuclear-free zone in the Middle East is necessary because a nuclear exchange is not unlikely if there is significant proliferation. Proliferation itself is a reflection of regional hostilities and a fear of U.S. attack.

Lebanon was weak and could not defend its innocent civilians from city-busting, Nuremberg-level war crime air campaigns from Israel. Iraq was non-nuclear and could not defend itself from regime change and invasion. Iran knows the game of nations and is determined to avoid being in the crosshairs of Israel and the U.S. Will this hatred and instability be addressed by creative diplomacy by the U.S? I think not due to the criminal and violent nature of the American regime. Sad isn't it?

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