Bush Administration: Nuclear Secrecy for America But NOT for others

The Bush administration which abrogated the Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty so it would not be constrained in deploying a first-strike defencive (offencive) shield to handle residual second-strike attacks on the U.S. is now classifying historical data on the numbers of systems deployed during the Cold War.

Apparently these outlaws who have destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon: that’s three countries this nation has destroyed or authorised their destruction, are concerned that if the numbers of Jupiter missiles deployed in Turkey during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 or the number of giant Titan two-stage missiles on alert in 1971 or the numbers of gravity  thermonuclear bombs on B-52s became known, then all the non-white Axis of Evil countries seeking a nuclear deterrent might be able to bomb Syracuse or Portland, Oregon.

This maniacal emphasis on secrecy is what happens when an outlaw, pariah state is at war. The power shifts to the elites and under the guise of national security, folks are spied upon, thrown into prison without charges, arrested as enemy combatants and the like.

Note these murderers, and that is what the national leadership of this country consists of, at least in the national security area, invaded Iraq because President Saddam Hussein did not provide enough detailed information on his non-existent W.M.D. Absolutely recall that a casus belli was the refusal to provide the U.N. or the I.A.E.A. detailed information on their nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programme. Aside from the fact that there were no programmes at the time of the invasion, now the Bush administration is classifying and removing from the study of scholars, any force level nuclear information from the Cold War years. So transparency is mandatory for nations that the U.S. has disputes with but arrogantly optional for the United States that currently has 10,000 nuclear warheads on ICBMs, gravity bombs, and diabolical S.S.B.Ns Ohio class boats.

The struggle continues to return this country to a more civilised, decent, and honourable course of behaviour.

This precious nuclear I.C.B.M. darling is called a “Peacekeeper,” and carries what they call 10 “reentry vehicles.” Oh my, a reentry vehicle is not a Ford or a Toyota but a hydrogen fission-fusion-fission warhead that reenters the Earth’s atmosphere from its journey in space. While retired in September 2005, these systems that wasted billions of dollars for nothing are typical of the nomenclature used to describe bestial systems that could destroy nations and create millions of casualties.

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