Like Many, Old Faithful Is not Quite Faithful

I saw this geyser in Yellowstone. It was scheduled to erupt at 10:23 am but waited until 10:30 or so. I did not know that Old Faithful was in a geyser park with others right near it. Also these hot springs are constantly emitting steam. I thought they were dormant until the pressure built up and then they released their water. But really, these geysers are always doing something. I have to say I expected a somewhat more spectacular show than what I saw but if you are into geysers and wish to see one erupt fairly regularly, then Old Faithful is the one for you.

There are two-row benches that are available for  viewing that stretch about one-fifth of a mile in a semi-circle. Folks were sitting and standing and it was quite crowded despite early morn. The drive from the south entrance is about 40 miles; for me the Grand Tetons are even more spectacular but I have to admit seeing bison/buffalo grazing in Yellowstone was something I was moved to see: I also thought back to the genocide and holocaust in the west when army and other butchers came out here and killed off the buffalo so the discoverers of America–or their ancestors–would not have enough to eat or shelter derived from them. Yeah I know. the Natives sold their pelts to fashion conscious easterners into buffalo/bison coats. But the Native-Americans did not kill bison for sport, or for war-related means but for cash, food, eating implements, tents. So the three bison I saw were the remnants of the genocide.

This country of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, stolen by white settlers, homesteaders, explorers and armies is now a national park. Like taking wild animals and putting them into a zoo, this wonderland of falls, snow-capped mountains, wildlife, rapids, postcard views really is the great theft of a murderous nation from its stealing of the west, from Texas to California to say the least. This power grabbing is ongoing with the holocausts of Nagasaki, Christmas bombing and mass murder in Iraq and Afghaistan with General Petraus being urged to abandon any pretext of sparing civilian casualties. At least big-mouth McChrystal at least supposedly tried to limit the murder of babies, women and other non-combatants. Slick Petreaus may have a different game to bring: free-fire zones.

Have fun in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone in Vice President Dick Cheney’s home state of Wyoming.

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