Cinnamon Is At It Again: Campus Watch’s Enforcer Claims Victimization

Cinnamon Stillwell, the West Coast Representative for Campus Watch, proclaims her annual survey of alleged ad hominem criticisms of Campus Watch’s right-wing agenda: silence those who hear the cries and whispers of the Palestinians and marginalise the growing number of academics who correctly assess our support of Israel as not always congruent with American national interests. In Right Side News, I am included in their  “annual” list of inaccuracte critics:

“In another new twist on the same old, same old, St. Xavier University history professor Peter N. Kirstein, writing at his blog, describes Campus Watch as “one of the New McCarthyism’s most egregious excesses.”

Rice University but I like double entendres.

This was over a year and a half ago! I guess Campus Watch is falling off the radar screen and so they are recycling even mild criticisms of its modus operandi in order to present the appearance of relevancy. Campus Watch, however, always evades the question. Why did they publish an enemies list of progressive Middle Eastern Scholars and then a Solidarity List of supporters only to remove both? The answer: they blew it, succumbed to public outrage of McCarthyism and revealed themselves as militant Zionists using unAmerican tactics to defame and destroy free-thinking academics in this country. So nobody really pays them as much attention anymore even if their hatchetwomen have cool or really hot names such as “Cinnamon.”

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