A Day in Terrorist America’s Destruction of Iraq: What Will Tomorrow Bring in this Crime Against Humanity?

10/23/06 NPR: Iraqi Journalist Flees to Egypt Journalist Seif al-Hayat is an Iraqi Shiite who fled to Egypt after his friends warned him about death threats over his pieces for the government-run Iraqiya television channel. He says he was barred from writing about possible government involvement…

10/23/06 Reuters: US forces search Shi'ite TV in Baghdad US forces were searching a Baghdad office of a television station linked to the largest Shi'ite party in Prime Minister's Nuri al-Maliki ruling coalition on Monday, witnesses and employees said.

10/23/06 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills two policemen, wounda four others in Baghdad A roadside bomb targeting a police patrol killed two policemen and wounded four others, including two civilians, in Baghdad's western Ghazaliya district, an Interior Ministry source said.

10/23/06 Reuters: Gunmen killed four policemen in central Baghdad Gunmen killed four policemen from the Facility Protection Services (FPS) in al-Fadhil district in central Baghdad, an Interior Ministry source said. FPS protects the country's infrastructure.

10/23/06 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills 2 civilians near Beirut square A car bomb killed a civilian and wounded 13 others near Beirut square in northeastern Baghdad, an Interior Ministry source said.

10/23/06 Reuters: Eight bodies found in different districts of Baghdad BAGHDAD – Eight bodies with gunshot wounds in the head, some of them bound, were found in different districts of Baghdad, an Interior Ministry source said.

10/23/06 Reuters: Policeman killed in Baiji One policeman was killed in Baiji, 180 km (112 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.

10/23/06 Reuters: Iraqi soldier killed near Balad One Iraqi soldier was killed and four wounded in clashes between the Iraqi army and gunmen near Balad, 80 km (50 miles) north of Baghdad, police said.

10/23/06 AP: Two civilians dead in car bombing Two civilians are dead and five more wounded in a car bomb attack Monday, north of Baghdad. A police spokesman said the attack was aimed at a U.S. military patrol, but no U.S. soldiers were injured.

10/23/06 AP: Shiite militiamen re-emerge in troubled southern city in Iraq Shiite militiamen loyal to a fiery anti-American Shiite cleric re-emerged in the troubled southern city of Amarah on Monday, dragging four policemen aligned with a rival Shiite militia from their homes and killing them

10/23/06 chicagotribune: Family remembers outgoing Marine from Aurora killed in Iraq Lance Cpl. Edwardo Lopez Jr., 21, was killed by gunfire early Thursday morning in western Iraq, family members said. "I'm just thinking that it's going to be hard for me to keep going in life," his mother, Martha, said. "He was my right hand."

10/23/06 EveningGazette: Bomb kills Iraq hero Newly-wed Noah Stephenson…died when the convoy he was protecting struck a roadside bomb.The 29-year-old, from Redcar, was working for a private security firm guarding American troops when the incident happened at around 10am local time on Wednesday.

10/23/06 spiegel: Severity of Injuries Requires New Forms of Rehabilitation Never before have so many US soldiers survived such terrible injuries as during the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many have suffered multiple injuries, including brain damage. In special rehabilitation centers, caretakers are battling…

10/23/06 DoD Identifies Army Casualty Staff Sgt. Jesus M. Montalvo, 46, of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, died Oct. 18 in Baghdad, Iraq, from injuries suffered from enemy small arms fire during combat operations. Montalvo was assigned to the 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment…

10/23/06 KUNA: Curfew imposed on Amara city in Iraq Iraqi security authorities on Monday imposed a curfew on al-Amara city, south of Baghdad, the Ministry of Defense said. Spokesman for the Ministry Mohamed al-Askari said the curfew was imposed on people and vehicles in al-Amara 10/23/06 AP: VA National Guard Troops Seeking Medical Help About a third of current Virginia Army National Guard soldiers back from Iraq or Afghanistan are reporting combat-related medical problems. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports the medical problems have been surfacing in health screenings…

10/23/06 wlns: 2 Michigan Soldiers Killed in Iraq Two Michigan servicemen have been killed in the line of duty. Lansing- based Charlie Company confirms two Marines died in Iraq. One of those Marines was from Chelsea, the other from Royal Oak.

10/23/06 MNF: MNF-W Marine killed in Al Anbar Province One Marine assigned to Regimental Combat Team 5 died Oct. 21, from enemy action while operating in Al Anbar Province. (This release is not a duplicate of the MNC-I press release # 20061022-01, which announced the death of another RCT 5 Marine.)

10/23/06 KUNA: U.S. forces break into Shiite militia offices south Iraq The U.S. troops broke into offices of Shiite militias in the two cities of Holla and Diwaniya, southern Iraq Monday morning. They thundered the offices of Al-Mahdi Army, a Shiite militia led by Muqtada Al-Sadr in Holla, the major city of Babel…

10/23/06 VOA: Half of Provinces Under Government Control by Year's End Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh says about half of his country's provinces will be under direct Iraqi government control by the end of the year.

10/23/06 Reuters: Roadside bomb kills 3 in Baghdad A roadside bomb targeting a police patrol killed three people and wounded 13 others, both police and civilians, near the shrine of a Sunni cleric in central Baghdad, police said.

10/23/06 NYTimes: To Stand or Fall in Baghdad: Capital Is Key to Mission After three years of trying to thwart a potent insurgency and tamp down the deadly violence in Iraq, the American military is playing its last hand: the Baghdad security plan. The plan will be tweaked, adjusted and modified in the weeks ahead

10/23/06 AP: Fearful of new violence, Iraqi Sunnis shun holiday celebrations Fearing new attacks, Iraqi Sunnis largely shunned public celebrations of the end of the holy month of Ramadan on Monday, huddling in the relative safety of their homes following market bombings that killed at least nine people the day before.

10/23/06 Star-Gazette: Westfield soldier killed in Iraq A Westfield-area soldier and 1994 graduate of Cowanesque Valley High School has been killed in Iraq. Sources close to the family said Tony Knier, 30, was killed by a roadside bomb on Sauturday.

10/23/06 AP: Iraqi youths cool to occupation Majorities of Iraqi youths in Arab regions of Iraq think security would improve and violence would decrease if the U.S.-led forces left immediately, according to a State Department poll that provides a window into the grim warnings….

10/23/06 AP: Camden Man Working for Contractor killed in Iraq 58-year-old Brian M. Brian died at about 11:30 a.m. local time near the city of Rustamiyah, outside of Baghdad. He was working as an international police liaison officer with DynCorp International. Three U.S. soldiers also were injured…

10/23/06 MNF: One killed, Four wounded by IED An International Police Liaison Officer was killed and four Soldiers were wounded at approximately 11:36 a.m. Sunday after their vehicle was struck by an improvised explosive device in east Baghdad.

10/23/06 MNF: Five insurgents killed, building destroyed south of Balad Coalition Forces killed an insurgent Monday morning as they conducted movement to a suspected terrorist location south of Balad and later destroyed a building associated with terrorist activities, killing four more.

10/23/06 MNF: MND-B Soldier killed by roadside bomb A Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldier died at approximately 5 p.m. Sunday when the vehicle he was riding in was struck by an improvised-explosive devise in western Baghdad.

Iraq Casualty Count

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