Ending the Racist War Crime in Iraq

Disengagement from Iraq will not be facilitated by introducing more troops in country. Senator John McCain's proposal is outrageous. This man has no conception of war from below. A navy pilot who bombed innocent civilians and other collateral targets in North Vietnam, besides possibly aiming at North Vietnam troops as well, he was shot down and has played his P.O.W. status into heroism. Why? He was shot down and caught by a nation and a people that were victims of genocide. He was a participant in that genocide and is a violent, imperialist who has no restraint when it comes to the use of American military power. Here he is advocating more war, more destruction, more military forces when he sits in splendor as a Senator with bodyguards and national-press adulation as he runs for president in 2008. He is a reactionary, hateful man who is utterly opposed to negotiations, diplomacy and reaching out to our adversaries as a means of conflict resolution. He is utterly shameless.

Disengagement from Iraq will never result from training Iraqi police and military units to slaughter and annihilate the resistance. It will only lead to more death and horror. This is a guerilla war fought as in Vietnam by small units, sometimes by single suicide combatants, and cannot be defeated by increasing the numbers or firepower of an indigenous Iraqi miilitary. It failed in Vietnam when  the A.R.V.N. had over a million soldiers. It will fail in Iraq with numbers so much less than that. The war is over but the fighting. No sarcasm intended as criminal America perpetrates more death and destruction on these innocent people whose nation and world has been destroyed by this disgraceful war.

Disengagement from Iraq will not succed in bringing Iran and Syria, two noble nations that have resisted American imperialism and violent Zionism for years, into a regional peace conference to confirm America's war aims. I do not support Iran and Syria's emphasis on arming proxy forces to do their bidding and they could adopt a more responsible position to regional conflict resolution. Historic adversaries, only colonialist America can bring them together as "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." They are not going to endorse a plan to bail American chestnuts out of the fire. America is determined to destroy both nations and they can be forgiven for not hastening that plan. Iran will not accept a government that is hostile to its interests and Syria will never support a Shi'a dominated government that is determined to destroy legitimate Sunni resistance to regime change and de-Baathification.

The way to exit from this horror is as follows:

Release Saddam Hussein immediately from prison and attempt to work him or at least some of his principal advisers into a power-sharing arrangement. As absurd and unsophisticated this suggestion may appear, I have advocated it for over a year. Conflict resolution requires sometimes making dramatic confidence-building measures. The former president is a lightening rod and is a hero among many Sunni partisans. His rehabilitation would outrage Shi'a without question but some effort should be made to incorporate, at least some of the former senior Baathist elements into the government. After America's civil war, amnesty was given to Southerners and within ten years or so, all southern states had been reconstructed and were freely electing members of Congress. Alexander Stephens was Vice President of the Confederacy for heaven's sake and served AFTER the American Civil War in Congress from 1873 to 1882, and then was elected governor of Georgia!! Ok, let Saddam serve in some regional governmental entity in the Sunni center or in Baghdad. There is precedent for such restoration.

Effectuate some type of arrangment where Kurdistan is de facto, but not de jure, independent in the north and the Shi'a south shares oil revenue with the Sunni center. While a formal sectional resolution with three independent nation-states may be problematic, significant self-government, and regional police forces should be emphasised. The U.S. should stop trying to train a national army. There is no nation anymore. It is overwhelmed with sectarian violence and this Humpty Dumpty has fallen so hard off that wall, it not only cannot be repaired but also it can't be recognised. Iraq is dead and the American neo-cons are its executioner with Democratic Party support and funding. The key is finding a way to create regional autonomy and ethnic separation with a patina of a national government that is, as in Switzerland, with limited central powers within a confederation of Sunni, Shi'a and Kurdish states.

The U.S. should remove its forces immediately from all combat operations in any urban area and essentially be confined to bases. Half the troops should be withdrawn within 90 days. The remainder probably should be withdrawn within the next 90 days but I can concede some delay IF and only IF some progess is made on the suggestions above.

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