Revisionist History of 9/11

A) It was no more of a terrorist attack than our conduct in war that preceded it and continues unabatedly today.

B) It was not a shot out of the blue but the result of longstanding  and appropriate grievances against the United States. The attacks of course were indefencible but worthy of exploring and analysing.

C) Mourning the dead and commemorating the event as a nation under siege is simply missing the point.

D) The U.S. for over sixty years has failed to address with courage, conviction and decency the holocaust against the Palestinian people. This more than anything else triggered the horrific events of September 11, 2001. To deny it is to invite other attacks.

E) The U.S. has used these events as an excuse to demonise Muslims (some of its citizens have) and to wage unjust and criminal wars based on lies and deceit. (Mr George W. Bush’s war crimes against Iraq for example under the guise of counterproliferation for example.)

F) The attacks were not motivated from a clash of civilisations or an effort to impose Sharia on the “west.” They did not attack Sweden as Sheikh Usama has stated but resulted from grievances against the United States. It was a response to America’s de facto recognition of Israel’s monstrous colonisation of its neighbor’s land. It was the result of our military engagement in Saudi Arabia where the holy places of Mecca and Medina are located. It was the result of the prior Gulf War that one could argue was induced by an unwarranted Iraqi incursion into sovereign Kuwait.

G) America always uses its non-stop wars to project a sense of the other. We are blinded by our evil, violent, destructive nature and have become so convinced of our moral rectitude that any action against it is always perceived as the result of evil incarnate against innocent America. We are not innocent. We are the greatest terrorist threat to international peace and security. We are hooked on the drug of war and the elixir of military death and destruction to buttress our failing and pathetic empire. Presidents whether liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican must prove their valour and capacity to rule through waging war. This is what America has given to Planet Earth: genocide, atomic weaponry, Nagasaki, nuclear war, thermonuclear weapons, Dresden, WMD, napalm, Vietnam, Jim Crow, Falluja, Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo, Wall Street and the hits just keep on coming.

Nota bene: For those who may construe the image as out of date, kindly note the Empire still has 50,000 troops in Iraq: called “advisers” of course as if this were the Kennedy Era in Indochina. It is simply deceit to declare combat over in a country in which 50,000 troops remain as occupiers and military combatants.

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