Five Point Plan to Bring Stability to Iraq and the Region

1) An international arrest warrant should be issued by the International Criminal Court, which the criminal United States does not even recognise, or other appropriate jurisdiction against senior American officials who instigated and ruthlessly decided to invade Iraq and are responsible for its destruction.
a) Mr Bush
b) Vice President Dick Cheney
c) Paul Wolfowitz, now enjoying his McNamaraesque tenure as World Bank President. Bob McNamara was SecDef under President Johnson during the Vietnam genocide; he resigned after TET and was promoted as it were to World Bank president. His replacement, Clark Clifford, did urge new thinking on the war. I doubt if Bob Gates, a former C.I.A. director and president of Texas A&M, has the capacity or the moral fibre to demand an end to the needless suffering of American troops and Iraqi freedom fighters.
d) Donald Rumsfeld
e) Colin Powell, His February 2003 monstrous lies and dissemination of disinformation to justify the Iraq invasion at the United Nations was one of the most disgraceful moments for a secretary of state. He should have resigned immediately for such an outrage on the American people and the world. [Today, this slick politician in trying to distance himself from a war that he so ardently defended, said Iraq is now in a “civil war.” A taboo phrase in the Bush administration.]
f) Condoleezza Rice

2) The United States should threaten a cessation of our multi-billion dollar a year aid package to Israel unless it does the following:
a) Adopt the Saudi plan of peace for land, Arab and regional non-Arab state recognition of the State of Israel, with its borders conforming to the 1967 prewar period.
b) all settlements would be abandoned and all lands returned such as the Golan. Palestinian right of return would be regulated in a manner that respects Israeli interests.

3) The U.S. should demand that Israel ratify the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (N.P.T.) and declare its nuclear stockpile prior to international I.A.E.A. monitoring of its elimination. Iran would likewise become more transparent and suspend all enrichment of Uranium 235 isotopes. It would accept all I.A.E.A. safeguards.

4) The U.S. should remove all forces from Iraq within 90 days. The possibility of a regional Arab-U.N. peacekeeping force, without American military personnel, should be explored as an option to contain the civil war in country.

5) Within six months, a Palestinian state should be recognised by the U.N. General Assembly and Hamas formally recognise the State of Israel.

These bold measures is what leadership and bringing war criminals to justice requires.

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