Back to the Future: Mr Bush in Iraq and J.F.K. in Vietnam

Leaks are indicating that the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group that contained one woman and one African-American–neither of whom is an expert on external relations (keep the white male dominant in imperial America!)–will recommend that combat be replaced by training. Also why is there not Iraqi representation on this panel? It is their country that is being blown up and destroyed by the neo-conservative warmongers, and one would think that even indecent men would ponder whether those whom we destroy should have a voice in the plans over their destruction.

Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator John Kerry and Mr Bush’s Iraq:

This is ridiculous. During the early years of Vietnam, President Kennedy attempted to train the A.R.V.N. (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) with advisers and eventually deployed some 16,300 military personnel by the time of his Dallas assassination in November 1963. Yes they fought; yes they died; yes they used W.M.D. such as napalm; yes they used helicopter gunships and artillery, and some 70+ were K.I.A. but the bulk of the fighting was indigenous and the primary role of the U.S. was combat training and not combat action.

Baker-Hamilton apparently are unwilling to end the mass murder in country and hold Americans accountable for this disgrace but merely want to reduce casualties–American not Iraqi. So rumours are that combat troops would be essentially withdrawn by 2008 and only military advisers remain. Yet who would protect American forces? Who would measure whether the training of an imaginary Iraqi army and police force is working? Have we not been attempting since 2003 to do just this? Train, equip and deploy an army to smash the resistance and end the civil war? Why would this be successful with reduced numbers?

In Vietnam I, President Lyndon Johnson decided in 1965 that the advisers were ineffective and that the fighting would have to become the primary responsibility of the U.S. This led to 549,000 troops, a massive draft and mass-murder in the millions. Vietnam II, Iraq, cannot be resolved through military means whether it be training or combat arms. Only through a political settlemet among Kurd, Shi’a and Sunni can national reconciliation occur. Only with the decolonisation of the region with Israeli defeat in Palestine and American defeat in Iraq will there be a semblance of an environment conducive to international peace and security. Neither Israel nor the U.S. can be allowed to continue the apartheid in Palestine and the colonisation in Iraq.

If the Iraq Study Group cannot agree on a total withdrawal of American forces, it should be condemened as a continuation of imperialism by other means.

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