One of my students believes I do not support the troops in Iraq.

I received an email from a student at 2210 on December 6, 2006. I responded with interpolations in an e-mail. Slight editing was done for cosmetic purposes and removing extraneous utterances.

Your comments are currently closed on your latest blog entry.

(PNK: Absolutely, I would have to preview them, screen them for nice language. I spend too much time already on the Internet.)

I really was appalled by one of the statements you made (see post below). You wrote-
“If one is an American who tears up countries, lies about W.M.D. and is responsible for over 600,000 Iraqi dead and almost 3,000 Americans, should they be allowed to go home to their wives and girl friends?”

(PNK: I am referring to leaders of our country who got us in a criminal war. I think people have to be responsible for their actions and being a war criminal is an example. It sickens me that American leaders are not held accountable for mass murder. We initiated war crimes trials for Saddam, Milosevic, Germans at Nuremberg, Japanese in Tokyo but Americans walk. Not right in my opinion.) [I did edit my blog to avoid any ambiguity by inserting national-security elites. I was not referring to soldiers or marines in this instance.]

Those Americans who you are relentlessly denouncing and criticizing are over in Iraq because they honestly believe in the goal of this war.

(PNK: Again I am harping on civilian leadership not soldiers. They are pawns in the game of empire. They are victims too due to neoconservative-Democratic Party support of this war in 2002-2003.)

They believe in it so much that they are risking their lives to help reach it. They want the Iraqi people to be liberated, and they want to ensure that our nation is safe from terrorists that may spawn from that unstable environment. When I attended Kansas State University in Manahattan, I was near a military base, and many of the people there told me that they received countless “thank you’s” from the Iraqi people for their efforts. But of course, that is never shown on the news or mentioned in your class.

(PNK: Do the research; the vast majority of Iraqis want us out or at least believe American occupiers are not a help to their country. They supported the overthrow of Saddam but detest our presence.)

It is heartbreaking to know that our troops are supported by Iraqis but not supported by some Americans.

(PNK: No, one can support troops by opposing the war. Easy for us to say comfortably here at home. I say bring them HOME. That’s real support.)

So, do they deserve to return to the people they love? After they are selflessly risking everything to help rebuild a nation that has finally been freed from a sadistic ruler?


Kathleen Marie Nellessen

(Thanks for your comments. I admire you and your willingness to address issues of concern to yourself. It is a sign of strength. Peter)

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