President Saddam Hussein Should not be Executed by War Criminal Mr Bush

It is a disgrace and a stain on America if President Hussein is harmed in any manner. The execution of this man would be a war crime, which admittedly, would be one of a series that American imperialist forces have committed. To think that 3,000 American soldiers have died, in part, to preserve capital punishment in Iraq is beyond surrealism or dadaism to employ artistic motifs. It gives a lie to the putative war aim of bringing democracy to Iraq and derivatively the Middle East.

Saddam Hussein, front row (l), in pre-invasion, happier days with family. The former president, both sons and a young grandson were murdered or executed by American “pro-democracy” forces.

The killing of Saddam is equivalent morally to his crimes in Iraq. Yet he is being murdered for allowing the 1982 execution of 150 Shi’a for suppressing an assassination attempt in Dujail, a small Iraq town north of Baghdad. Will murdering Saddam represent an ethical resolution of this incident or merely continue the horror of taking human life? Besides, there was speculation that Mr Bush invaded Iraq, in part, with OUR precious soldiers to avenge a purported Iraqi assassination attempt on President George Herbert Walker Bush when he was visiting Kuwait. It appears that non-white leaders are executed by the United States for suppressing an insurgency, yet white American fascists, sorry but I believe they are, can destroy a country, kill a leader’s sons and grandchild, execute the leader, in the NAME OF SUPPRESSING AN INSURGENCY.

The United States is an aggressive, ruthless power. It kills all over the world; it savours the blood of capital punishment; its murdering of Saddam is an affront to international law and is emblematic of the anarchic, violent imperialism of America. Three defence counsels of President Saddam Hussein were murdered and a judge who exhibited impartiality from the bench was removed. Saddam was tried under American auspices as an occupying power and not by the International Criminal Court or any other neutral, legal entity. His trial was a sham and represented a revenge killing by the Shi’a and their American sponsors.

When Saddam is executed, I hope Mr Bush will be captured, arrested and put on trial for war crimes. If Saddam can be hanged for actions of his soldiers, why should not Mr Bush be punished for actions of his soldiers at Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo Bay, Haditha, Hamandiya and elsewhere in their war of extermination and ruthless killings of civilians? However, Mr Bush deserves life in prison for his cruel, vicious, destruction of Iraq and his tacit approval of Israeli war crimes in Lebanon last July. The moral differences beteween President Hussein and Mr Bush are minimal. Both used force in an egregious, unconscionable manner and both are destructive of international comity and the rule of law. Both deserve confinement for their crimes.

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