Reader Defends Professor Kirstein from Ad Hominem Attacks

An intelligent reader wrote this after a variety of exchanges between myself and the thunder of the right in the Daily Southtown.

January 14, 2007

In Another Take on Jan. 10, Professor Peter Kirstein responded to those who criticized his comments concerning the Iraq war. Those who strongly disagreed with him, as he stated, did not provide counter-argumentation.

Their comments were “personal and nonanalytic.”

Kirstein explained the necessity of intelligently addressing the complex issues of this war, instead of childish name-calling. It is necessary for individuals to seek out many sources of information, and not just parrot talk radio screamers. Don’t be misled by pundits who equate those who question the Bush administration as unpatriotic. Critical thinking requires effort, but it is necessary in these troubled times.

Helen Cuprisin

Evergreen Park

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