Lt Watada’s Mother to Speak at S.X.U., Jan 31. Hear his brilliant interview on N.P.R.

The courageous lieutenant and his counsel, Eric Seitz, were interviewed yesterday on National Public Radio. This is the link to the hero’s intelligent, articulate and impressive defence of his decision not to deploy to Iraq.

The link takes you to an audio recording.

This is the event at S.X.U. beginning at 7:00 pm next Wednesday in Chicago.

Is Iraq a war without legal or moral justification?
Are the perpetrators of a war that was not in self-defence criminal?
Did the U.N. Security Council need to authorise an invasion prior to its inception?
Do soldiers have the duty to refuse to participate in an illegal action or are they required to engage the ruling elite’s enemy reqardless of the circumstances? At the Nuremberg Show Trials after the war, the so-called “Nuremberg Defence” of merely following orders was greeted with skepticism and with illegal executions.
Do we need to redefine military heroism from the capacity to fight with skill, to the capacity to exercise an act of conscience in the name of peace and justice?

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