Kirstein Quoted in Namita Goswami Press Conference Held Dec. 7, 2010

This event was covered by the press. Courageous DePaul professors stand in solidarity behind diversity and justice as they demand reversal of tenure denial for Dr Namita Goswami.  See this link to the Chicago News Cooperative!!

I was mentioned in the article but there is an error. Ill AAUP did not intervene in the Professor Quinetta Shelby case. She did not seek AAUP intervention. It is my hope that DePaul university leaders will be contacted by AAUP in due course. ILL AAUP did peruse President The Rev. Dennis Holtschneider’s denial of tenure after the University Board on Promotion and Tenure submitted its secret, private non-recommendation for tenure and promotion. Illinois Committe A has examined the DePaul president’s denial of the Review Board’s finding of both academic freedom and procedural violations. Yet the ILL AAUP filed a formal report in the Namita Goswami case to national and was not engaged in the Shelby case. We shared it with Dr Goswami who chose to use it for her appeal. We always are pleased if our work is advantageous to those we seek to defend and empower during times of academic turmoil and stress:

“Peter N. Kirstein, the vice president of the Illinois–American Association of University Professors, (sic: it’s American Association of University Professors) said the tenure process is “broken” at many institutions across the United States, but DePaul is unique in Illinois for having a significant number of vocal faculty members willing to publicly criticize tenure decisions.

“We need more faculty with tenure to step up and support these faculty members denied their academic freedom,” he said.

Kirstein participated in an AAUP committee to review DePaul’s tenure process, which criticized the way DePaul University handled the cases of these two professors in a report this fall. The statement released by the communications office today said that university leaders had not been contacted by the AAUP for an investigation.”

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