History News Network to Publish Professor Kirstein Article

This Monday, History News Network will publish an article, “Congress v. the President in Iraq and Vietnam,” comparing Congressional efforts to constrain presidential war-making power during the Vietnam genocide and the Iraq War. H.N.N. is sponsored by George Mason University and is a major source of historical analysis of contemporary issues.

H.N.N. is ostensibly ideologically neutral but may be constured as somewhat slightly right of center, although this is a subjective view. Yet it has a well-earned reputation in allowing the dissemination of progressive views which may not reflect those of its management. H.N.N. was one of the first to cover my academic freedom-suspension case. Yet they have consistently given me the opportunity to publish articles that demonstrate their commitment to ideological diversity and integrity in pursuing the solicitation of views across the political spectrum.

Presidential scholar Rick Shenkman is the editor of this significant source of opinion and commentary. This is the website.

Rick Shenkman, editor History New Network (H.N.N.)

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