Senator Clinton Calls for Endless War in Iraq

This individual essentially supports the Republican party’s vision of empire and imperialism and specifically the Bush administration’s preemptive war in Iraq. Yes there maybe a little lie here or there, but she has revealed in an interview with the New York Times, that the Iraq war would continue, essentially without strategic reassessment, if elected president.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democrat of New York

She supports the Bush administration lie that Iraq is a central front against terrorism. She keeps stating the U.S. has a “vital national security interest to help the Kurds…to continue to provide logistical support, air support, training” for the phantom Iraqi national army.

This advocate of a policy that will inevitably continue having other parents’ sons and daughters bleed, die or become dismembered, supports what appears to be a permanent or long-term military presence between the area north of Baghdad and Kirkuk. This warmonger, this tool of the Israel lobby, this humourless, prowar amateur in the field of international relations, only wants to tweak the Bush war crime. She would take troops out of Baghdad and would not search house to house, but is convinced that the Iraq War must be pursued in the national interest.

Yet one day she supports withdrawing troops in 2008, another day she says she would end the war if elected president, but now the mask is off as she provides a horrific insight into her prowar character and pro-Bush war position in the Times interview. Where is her concern for internationalism and moving away from war? Where is her proposal to slash the empire and redirect military spending into social and people programmes? Where is her sense of shame in being an American and witnessing its despoliation of the planet and its lust for empire and strategic advantage? Where is the originality, the VISION, the creativity in leading the world in a more progressive direction? It is not there because this Machiavellian figure does not have the skill or capacity to see the need for a major redirection of America’s role in the world. She is merely out for power and is not interested in improving the world that has given her boundless wealth, notoriety and advantage.

I have never voted for a Republican for president, and rarely for a Democrat. I am convinced it is a “vital strategic interest” to oppose this immoral person who will return the Sandy “Burglar” Bergers and Richard Holbrooks and once again ignore the cries and whispers of Palestinians and Muslim peoples in their refugee camps and torture chambers run by Americans or their puppet allies of racism and colonialism.

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