Kirstein to Lecture on Imperialism and Free Speech. Kirstein Challenges the Military to Hear and Discuss My Views Directly

I am referred to as “outspoken.” Well it is better to be outspoken then to have others speak for you. Also once silenced, never silent again. No I will not accept an honorarium for this event. My speaking fee is waived when non-profit groups such as OPUL resist the materialism and unregulated capitalism of America.

However, I am waiting for a military institution to engage me in direct discussion and invite me to speak on a base or university. The military should welcome someone with my views who can professionally and in a stimulating manner address issues that many may disagree with. I lectured twice before the Army-Russian Institute in Germany which was a NATO training and educational center. I also gave a talk at an ROTC event at St Michael’s College in Vermont. But how about Maxwell AFB or the Air Force Academcy or Naval Academy? I was about to debate an instructor at the Coast Guard Academy that a cadet was attempting to organize, but it fell through. Dear United States military, let’s have a conversation on these issues of war and peace. Yes I am a veteran so that should make it more palatable even if my views are not entirely consistent with yours.

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