Classy Chronicle Corrects Professor Kirstein Error:

I had indicated some dissatisfaction in not having more specific attribution from The Chronicle with regard to the Finkelstein case and received this very generous explanation. I was wrong to assume I was the provenance of The Chronicle article but since I was the first to publish information on it, it was an honest error. Yet I did break the story a full twenty-four hours before The Chronicle.

Dear Peter Kirstein,

I saw your post tonight on the blog item we posted on Finkelstein’s tenure fight at DePaul. I wanted to let you know that I communicated with Finkelstein about the situation over the weekend, before I saw your original post about it, so you were not in fact my source for the story. I thought it would be useful to let readers know, however, that the story was already getting around–hence the link.


Jennifer Howard
Staff Writer
The Chronicle of Higher Education
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