David Horowitz’ DiscovertheNetworks.org Refers to my Blog as “Deranged.”

After an absence of several months to suppress the publicity that much of David Horowitz’ content in The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America was lifted from his McCarthyite DiscovertheNetworks.org website, many profiles have been restored .

On his website, FrontPageMag.com, he has a link to the biographies of the 101 “most dangerous” professors as well as some others who are deceased, and has restored previously removed summaries of progressive, idealistic academicians. While much of his biography of me is valid and his quotation of several of my writings are contextually accurate, I would like to make two comments.

Mr Horowitz, who kindly mailed me an autographed copy of his latest book on academia, Indoctrination U.: The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom, has for some reason excluded the most significant aspect of my e-mail exchange with former Air Force Academy Cadet Robert Kurpiel: that I was suspended and reprimanded for an e-mail in which I strongly denounced him and the militaristic nature of imperial America. Mr Horowitz always claims he is not attempting to silence or purge progressive faculty from academia, and indeed claims the reverse is the case. Yet both in his book, The Professors and his provocative biography of me in DiscovertheNetworks, there is not even an allusion that I was involved in one of the more publicised academic freedom cases since 9/11.

Also, I never referred to the cadet or any individual as a “baby killer.” His assertion that I did does not square with the facts. In my e-mail I referred to the “aggressive baby killing tactics of collateral damage,” in which I denounced the use of such a vapid term–collateral damage–to refer to the frequent indiscriminate and arbitrary killing of innocents. I stand by that statement and will continue to do so as long as I hold an academic appointment.

Finally, Students for Academic Freedom is another organization founded by David Horowitz that purports to uncover random acts of student abuse by progressive faculty. S.A.F. sees itself as the guardian of the safety and security of conservative students who are allegedly hounded and silenced by overbearing radically “dangerous” professors. I wonder if Mr Horowitz endorses the comments that one of his columnists, Steven Plaut, made against ALL DePaul University students that matriculate in Professor Norman G. Finkelstein’s classes. I would not suspend, reprimand or sanction Professor Plaut. Yet I am curious if such a cruel assertion directed toward scores of innocent students could be construed as unwarranted and beyond the pale of responsible, professional journalism:

“Naturally, his courses are popular among his students, who just happen to be the radical and jihadi DePaul students, not driven away by his in-classroom harangues.” {Emphasis in original.}

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