Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri Posts Video in Wake of Usama Bin Laden Assassination

In the June 8, 2011 video the Egyptian physician and Al Qaeda presumptive leader denounces the burial of Usama Bin Laden at sea on May 2, 2011 and the continued occupation of Muslim countries by western powers. Al Qaeda has frequently been specific in its grievances against the United States: the continued occupation and invasion of Muslim countries, the failure to resolve the Palestine refugee and sovereignty crisis and Islamic governments that are anti-democratic and complicit with pro-western colonialism. The video contains Quranic phrases and note what appears to be a Kalashnikov AK-74 assault rifle to the right of Dr Al-Zawahiri who is wearing an elegant white robe and turban. I do not embrace his call to arms and violence.

The United States approach is simply to kill Al Qaeda leaders whether in their sleeping garments in bed or in more activist circumstances. Whether using robots to spare the life of privileged western pilots or deploying middle-of-the-night SEAL team home invasions, the violence of the U.S. is racist, disproportionate, summary and imperialistic. I also cannot condone the advocacy of violence from Al Qaeda but the US knows that the asymmetrical imbalance of power between the two should place an even greater burden on the US to avoid using this somewhat decentralised, impotent organisation as an excuse to extend the PATRIOT Act’s evisceration of democracy, to satisfy SecDef Bob Gates’s insatiable appetite to steal billions from the poor to feed his execrable killing machine and of course to curry favour with a geopolitical liability: the State of Israel. I have two objectives here: to prevent only the American version of geostrategic interests to be disseminated and to demonstrate that Americans will resist repression from their government in exercising free-speech protections as contained in Article I of the Constitution.


YouTube link from Aljazeera.

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