St Xavier University v NLRB in Adjunct Faculty Efforts to Unionize

In this initial blogging on this situation I will present links to various documents that elucidate the effort of the St Xavier University Adjunct Faculty to pursue collective bargaining and the university’s determined efforts to prevent it. In 2010 the adjuncts attempted to form a union but voted not to unionise. The interim president at the time was Angela Durante, Ph.D. There were no legal challenges to their right to organise but a letter was sent indicating university concerns. I did not see the letter. The adjuncts waited a year to attempt again to form a union through an election under the affiliation of the Illinois Education Association. The election to the best of my knowledge will be held but the results will not be tabulated pending the outcome of St Xavier’s decision to challenge aggressively the National Labor Relations Board’s jurisdiction in this matter.

This is an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education on the NLRB’s ruling against Saint Xavier University and in favour of the adjuncts.

This is an article from on the Chicago-based NLRB’s pro-union, pro-collective bargaining decision that rejected a religious exemption that SXU sought.

This is a spirited article from

This is a link to a  the NLRB website. It contains two critical documents. First is St Xavier’s original petition to the NLRB that its religious identity precludes the capacity of the NLRB to assert jurisdiction over adjunct faculty activities to engage in collective bargaining. In 2010 the university did not challenge when Acting President Angela Durante, Ph.D. served in a caretaker role.  Second is the university’s June 9, 2011 appeal of their defeat before the NLRB-regional Chicago office. Go to “Document Activity,” to the right you will see “View” and click for the PDF versions.

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