David Horowitz’ Blog Entry on Professor Kirstein Exchange

[Update: I have added his latest response to the previous posting of our exchange.]

This was David Horowitz’ entry in his blog concerning our exchange on the Norman Finkelstein, Ward Churchill academic freedom cases at DePaul University and the University of Colorado.

He prefaced our communication with these comments:

“I received an email about the denial of tenure to DePaul professor Norman Finkelstein from Peter Kirstein, one of the academics profiled in my book, The Professors, which will be re-issued with a new preface in paperback this fall. Kirstein had invited me a year or so ago to debate him at [St] Xavier University. He had previously made a name for himself by insulting a serviceman who had solicited his help. The public reaction to Kirstein’s attack on a soldier caused him to have second thoughts, at least as far as his manners in regard to military personnel were concerned. (You can read my Kirstein profile here).”

Mr Horowitz references my e-mail exchange with Cadet Kurpiel of the Air Force Academy which led to a suspension and reprimand that I have challenged for four years. Speech may be controversial, even provocative and at times intemperate but A.A.U.P. guidelines are explicit that they rarely reflect on one’s capacity to perform her or his duties and a suspension can only be levied if there is a danger of imminent harm to a principal in the case.

This was a recent assessment of my e-mail that precipitated my academic freedom case:

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