InsideHigherEd.Com Reports Illinois A.A.U.P. Support of DePaul’s Finkelstein, Larudee

This announcement appeared in the June 25, 2007 “Quick Takes” section of

The Illinois Conference of the American Association of University Professors has written to DePaul University, formally protesting the recent tenure denials of Norman G. Finkelstein and Mehrene Larudee. The letter focuses on the Finkelstein case, arguing that DePaul’s consideration of “collegiality” related issues was contrary to AAUP guidelines and DePaul’s rules. The letter goes on to question whether DePaul truly ignored the widely publicized national campaign against Finkelstein — as the university said it did. Leo Welch, president of the Illinois chapter and a biology professor at Southwestern Illinois College, said that the letter to DePaul represented a stance taken by the state group, and was not part of the process by which the national AAUP investigates alleged violations of academic freedom. The Illinois conference acted on its own, he said, and the two professors involved did not request any action from the group. DePaul officials have repeatedly said that they handled the tenure cases consistent with their policies and a commitment to academic freedom.

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