David Horowitz Sends Me a Link to Alan Dershowitz Article on Dr Norman Finkelstein in FrontPageMag.com: My Response

David Horowitz sent me this link to the latest tirade of Alan M. Dershowitz that appears in today’s FrontPageMag.com, a leading conservative magazine that critiques higher education and foreign affairs. It is based on a Chicago-Sun Times story by conservative writer Dave Newbart. The Horowitz publication is also highly partisan and not given to nuance. Professor Dershowitz has become a regular writer for FrontPageMag and uses it to carry on his unseemly and frankly unprofessional crusade against his staunchest and most brilliant critic: Norman G. Finkelstein, Ph.D. I responded to Mr Horowitz’s link by sending him this e-mail on June 26, 2007.

Dear David:

I noted there was an absence of a link to Newbart’s article. This is the link.

I find the article confirming and adding credence to the argument against the egregious denial of tenure to DePaul University Assistant Professor of Political Science Dr Norman G. Finkelstein. It would appear to confirm that collegiality and personality were used as criteria to deny him tenure. Such action is contemptible and expressly violative of the A.A.U.P. document: “On Collegiality As A Criterion for Faculty Evaluation.” The fact that a colleague may be rude, may isolate himself or herself in an office or does not act in a sweet manner are really tangential to accepted standards of due process and tenure evaluation.

I am of course opposed to any use of degrading or abusive language toward women. That cannot be defended or condoned. Although I am not a lawyer as is Alan Dershowitz, I am not prepared to accept at face value the charge that the word “bitch” was uttered. I think accusations such as that should be noted and not presented as proof by the grand inquisitor whose book, The Case for Israel, was exposed as error-ridden, advocacy propaganda.

Sincerely yours,


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