New York Times “Highlights” My Comment on Casey Anthony Acquittals

The New York Times takes comments for some of its articles. Mine was #165 in order of publication. They “highlight” a “selection of the most interesting and thoughtful comments that represent a range of views.” I commented on the Anthony murder trial: not the one on the execrable, appalling Nancy Grace HLN lynching programme but the professional one with its venue in Orlando, Florida. Whether editors should screen comments for readers or not is a reasonable journalistic question; yet to have mine highlighted is an affirmation of its value if not an endorsement of its critique against the barbaric, inhumane and racist death penalty.

Peter N. Kirstein


July 5th, 2011

4:28 pm

Any jury worth its sense of humanity would have ruled as they did. No death penalty case should ever go to trial and when it does, jury nullification and refusal to convict should prevail. The Anthony jury brought distinction and honour to our failed and draconic legal system.
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