Good News From the Front: Army Misses Quota For Second Month

The United States Army which is intended to kill people in the name of national security in this the 21th Century, when the world is craving for moral leadership from this warrior nation, has failed to meet its monthly recruitment quota.

According to reports the Army wanted to add 8400 more soldiers in June but fell more than a 1000 short of that recruitment goal. In May, its more modest number of adding active-duty recruits to serve as new cannon fodder for the Bush-Sen Clinton arrogance of imperium was 5,500 and that number fell short by 400.

I believe that the only way to bring this empire into a more modest and less threatening posture is for Americans to reconsider the prestige of military service. It is not terribly masculine for a man or impressive for a woman to learn how to use weapons to kill other babies or soldiers or non-combatants. Men who join the marines, for example, are not terribly impressive and have little to brag about in terms of service to humankind. They really do not compare favourably with a nurse, a soup-kitchen volunteer or a person who assists the handicapped. Many will die for nothing and while their dress uniforms are smart and well-tailored, they are innocent and helpless pawns in the game of empire. Professors have been too timid and pusillanimous in communicating the horror of war to their students. We need to seriously question the need for military service and to confront directly the morality of training to kill and slaughter others. Those who call progressives anti-American for opposing war are quite willing to shed the blood of others. It is cowardice to be prowar and not demonstrate a commitment to participate in that war if of physical or legal elligibility.

While I am not saying that those in uniform are morally deficient, I am saying that the belief in war and the use of force to resolve basic conflicts between nations is simply unacceptable. We expect humans to resolve disputes peacefully but seem to glorify and justify through strategic doctrine when nations attack each other. Nation-states that accept state terrorism as a legitimate expresssion of national security are evil and despicable and do not deserve the support of their people by joining and becoming a military person. Leave the military! Compel our leaders to become more responsible in harnessing and using the Earth’s resources and refuse to fight for elites who care nothing about you.

During the Vietnam genocide, there was an expression I have learned in studying that war of so many years ago. “What if they gave a war and nobody came!”

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