New York Times on Pay to Play Scheme with Medtronic’s Infuse: Yet Dr Kuklo Surprisingly Omitted

I find it curious that Dr Timothy Kuklo’s involvement in the pay to play scheme with Medtronic is ignored in this article in the New York Times. While briefly questioning the financial relationship of Dr Thomas A. Zdeblick with Medtronic and the bogus-research articles of Dr John K. Burkus, the king of sleaze in the medical profession remains Colonel Kuklo (ret) who without permission listed the names of non-existent co-researchers who were active-duty Army officers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, faked research data for pure greed and profit, used gravely wounded soldiers from Iraq as his guinea pigs and was on the Medtronic gravy train in order to hawk snake oil. One would think Barry Meier and Duff Wilson’s would include Dr Kuklo in their Medtronic Hall of Shame. Yet that is why we have blogs so we can fill in the gaps: the big lacuna.

Times reporters Meier and Wilson did much of the original reporting on the Kuklo affair but have apparently grown weary of referencing the research misconduct that led to Dr Kuklo’s “resignation” from Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. Don’t expect much Senate action in reigning in the lawlessness of Medtronic and their acolyte physicians. For years we have heard that Senator Charles Grassley, R of Iowa was going to go after Big Pharma corruption.

Well we know how the Senate works: completely captivated by big business and Wall Street interests, a surrogate for business elites as the nation heads into developing world levels of poverty and a lack of moral integrity in taxing the rich and bringing jobs to America. Remember folks, the Senate won’t even pass legislation allowing Medicare to negotiate prices with Big Pharma. I don’t care about the egregious House of Representatives; they want everyone but themselves to suffer. The Senate could do its job and pass bills requiring drug companies to negotiate their prices with the government for Medicare coverage. That alone would probably save Medicare from the scalpel of Tea Party reactionaries and so-called liberals who go along with them.

The shame of America is the lack of socialised health care: a single payer system where all Americans are covered. Note the president and Congress want to slash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in the name of deficit reduction! Medicare already is slashed: it does not include long-term care. It does not include dental care. It does not include eye-care hardware. It does not include drug insurance worthy of the name but even George W. Bush expanded Medicare modestly during his presidency. We need to expand Medicare coverage not restrict its benefits in the name of fiscal responsibility. No we are a rich country that throws away its wealth on the latest “the other” and the enemy. I doubt very seriously given the egregious failure to insure the health of Americans, our elected officials are going to put Medtronic on trial and hold them accountable for their alleged crimes.

I did much of the original blogging on Dr Kuklo. Just type in Kuklo in Search and you can access the posts.

Hat tip to a former patient of Dr Timothy Kuklo.

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