Chiefs Chair Mike Mullen Misses Point in Op-ed on Peoples Republic of China

In an op-ed “A Step Toward Trust With China” in the New York Times the outgoing chair”man” of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, presents a faux moderation in his call for a more transparent, open military dialogue with the People’s Republic of China. Mr Mullen might want to consult an almanac: the nation’s name is not China but the People’s Republic of China that is never used in the July 25 op-ed.  While giving lip service to normalising dialogue with China between senior military warriors, he sets up a strawperson to challenge alleged resistance to dialogue: “I understand the concerns of those who feel that any cooperation benefits China more than the United States. I just don’t agree.” Sorry this is nonsense.

Want better relations with China? Stop invading Pakistan to kill alleged “terrorists” in their bedrooms in front of their wives. Want better relations with the PRC? Apologise publicly to Chinese General Chen Bingde for the destabilising influence of the US Seventh Fleet. Dock it, eliminate it, bring it home and save billions for job creation, infrastructure repair, food stamps and Medicaid. Our Asian projection of power is immoral and an assault on our homeland. Also if Admiral Mullen is really interested in managing the growing military competition with China, we should end ours, unilaterally. Our intent and he knows it is to dominate the world, fight multiple wars against the latest designer enemies and maintain the mirage of being a benign global police force.

Ready Power for Peace: This is an insult to those who desire and advocate peace. It is usurping a term and creating the illusion that cruisers, destroyers, frigates and tailhooks create peace. They create terror, fear and rob the poor at home of milk, education, and shelter. I don’t want peace American style: we know what that means.

This seemingly moderate form of hyperpower militarism is simply a charade for more war and theft from the US treasury as the nation veers into bankruptcy, growing poverty and the absolute immiseration of the African-American middle class. Admiral Mullen, before you retire shortly, how about speaking truth to power! If you want to deescalate tensions with the rising power of China and its People’s Liberation Army, remove your imperialist forces from Japan. The occupation of that country sixty-six years after the atomic genocide of August 1945 is an obscenity. They hate us in Okinawa for the occupation and disruption of their lives and China perceives correctly that our “tripwire forces” in Japan and the Republic of Korea are there to challenge China’s regional ambitions. Our ambitions are global; theirs are regional.

The constant bullying of North Korea, a strategic asset of the PRC should end. Remove American imperialist forces from the Korean Peninsula with their nuclear-powered and presumably nuclear-armed SSBNs in the region. China is a virtual prisoner of US strategic containment some twenty-years after the cold war allegedly ended. It is time for the Pentagon’s merchants of death and their evil military contractors to stop selling arms to Tapei: China is not going to invade the island in the absence of an outright declaration of independence. The constant arming of Taiwan is a mindless habit of militarism that is repugnant to peace-loving nations. We are a peace through strength Sparta and Admiral Mullen’s op-ed is merely more of the same geopolitical thrust for power and influence.

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