King Center Peace Pledge

Make Dr King’s Dream Come True

I pledge to honor Martin Luther King’s, Jr’s life and non-violent work by helping to make this world a better, more just place for all people.

I will:

Respect all people.

Live a life of loving, not hating.

Choose patience over anger, nonviolence over force.

Actively help to promote freedom, justice, and world peace.

Emphasis in original.

 When one visits the King Center in Atlanta, the hallowed ground of the peace movement and non-violent struggle, one may obtain a blue peace-pledge card at the visitors center. I generally avoid pledges because they are difficult to keep and they are sometimes meant to create a virulent nationalism such as the Pledge of Allegiance: foisted on school children who should be thinking globally. Yet the the King Center pledge has deep roots in the Civil Rights Movement. In Birmingham in 1963 the Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth and others passed out peace-pledge cards and demanded they be signed by demonstrators. In Dr King’s, Why We Can’t Wait, they are reproduced and contextualised. So the practice of pledging  non-violence as a tactic and ethical goal was very much a component of non-violent demands on followers during the anti-apartheid struggle in the United States.

Instead of anti-people conservatives taking a no-tax pledge as dicatated by the selfish and unethical Grover Norquist, as the people starve and suffer from competitive capitalism and military expenditures destroying the nation, I would urge a pledge not to engage in war and global imperialism in the name of geostrategic interests and other realist nonsense.

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