Scott Jaschik, InsideHigherEd, Quotes Professor Kirstein on Mr Churchill Tenure Revocation published this article today on the Ward Churchill firing. I am quoted at length from an e-mail exchange that appeared in the thoroughly documented piece:

Peter N. Kirstein, a professor of history at Saint Xavier University and a blogger who writes frequently about academic freedom, said he was dismayed by the vote, which he called “an egregious violation of academic freedom” that “may transform higher education into a stultifying pall of conformity.” Kirstein said that the bottom line is that Churchill’s “dismissal would not have happened had there not been negative reaction to his writings on the causes and meaning of the September 11 attacks. That point is irrefutable. This situation would never have occurred had he not defied conventional wisdom in his depiction of American casualties in a negative manner. That was his right and our duty to defend it.”

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