AAUP Conference on Shared Governance: My abstract on Academic Freedom

This is the conference schedule of forthcoming AAUP conference in Washington.  I include an abstract of my paper:

“Shared Governance and Academic Freedom Under Siege:  

How Illinois Committee A Battles to Protect Both”

Illinois is ground zero in the academic freedom struggle. The tenure travesty of Norman Finkelstein at DePaul proves that. Illinois Committee A has encountered egregious violations of shared governance throughout the state that contribute to the persecution of progressive faculty driven from academia. Examples and strategies of liberation are addressed.

AAUP Shared Governance Conference and Workshops


November 11–13, 2011

AAUP‐sponsored training workshops, intended for faculty governance leaders, are listed first for each session, followed by paper panels that are composed of presentations accepted in response to a nationwide call for proposals. The views expressed in these paper panels are those of the presenters and not necessarily of the AAUP.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Registration is open from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Friday 1:00–1:50

Opening Plenary Address

Cary Nelson, President, American Association of University Professors.

Friday 2:00–4:00 Session 1

Session 1 A Workshop: Making Senates Effective

Larry Gerber (Auburn University), Irene Mulvey (Fairfield University), Jeff Butts (Appalachian State University).

Session 1 B Paper Panel: Issues With System Administration and Governance

General Education, Student Mobility, System Administration and Faculty Governance: the CUNY and SUNY Cases. Sandi Cooper (CUNY) and Ken O’Brien (SUNY)

The Demilitarized Zone: Legislative Control of Policy vs. Faculty Authority over Learning.

James Postma and Ken O’Donnell (Cal State Univ.)

Session 1 C Paper Panel: International Perspectives

Faculty Participation in Governance and Management at ETH Zurich. Jurg Brunnschweiler (ETH Zurich)

Governance and Management of Turkish Foundation Universities. Zeynep Ozsoy and Beyza Oba ( Istanbul Bilgi University)

The Entrepreneurial University in a Global Context. Christopher T. Hill (George Mason Univ.)

Friday 4:15–5:45 Session 2

Session 2 A Workshop: The Role of Faculty Handbooks in Shared Governance

Greg Scholtz and Robert Kreiser (AAUP staff).

Session 2 B Paper Panel: Corporatization v. Shared Governance

Can Higher Education Still Afford Shared Governance? A Post‐2009 Economic Meltdown Assessment of AAUP Core Principles. Dave Witt (Univ. of Akron)

Faculty Representation Confidential: An Emerging Threat to Shared Governance? Joerg Tiede and Michael Theune (Illinois Wesleyan)

Corporatization and Governance in Higher Education: Exploring Myths and Realities.

Angela Petit (Idaho State Univ)

Session 2 C Paper Panel: Case Study in Decentralized Management

Impact of Dominican University of California’s New Decentralized Management for Changes in Governance Structure. Luis Calingo, Christian Dean and Harlan Steinbach (Dominican Univ of California).

Friday 6:00–7:30 Reception (Open to All)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Registration is open from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Saturday 7:30–8:30 Buffet Breakfast

Saturday 9:00–10:30 Session 3

Session 3 A Workshop: Collective Bargaining and Governance.

Dave Witt and Steve Aby (Univ. of Akron), Paul Davis (Cincinnati State Tech. and Community College)

Session 3 B Paper Panel: Case Studies in Governance.

Re‐Thinking Shared Governance: One University’s Perspective. Michael Forster , William Powell, and Tim Rehner(Univ of Southern Mississippi)

The Keene State Experience.Michael Welsh and Peter Stevenson (Keene State College)

Session 3 C Paper Panel: Governance Beyond the Individual Campus

Fostering Collaboration between Faculty Senates: The Oregon Experience. Jeffrey Dense ( Eastern Oregon Univ.)

Shared Governance and Academic Freedom under Siege: How Illinois Committee A Battles to Protect Both. Peter Kirstein (St. Xavier Univ.)

The Polity, The Courts, the ‘Academy’, the Faculty—Tensions and Opportunity in Shared Governance ‘for the Common Good’ in Colleges and Universities. Dan Larkin

Saturday 10:45–12:15 Session 4

Session 4 A Workshop: The Association of Governing Boards’s Statement on Board

Responsibility for the Oversight of Educational Quality

Rick Legon (AGB), Greg Scholtz (AAUP Staff), Larry Gerber (Auburn Univ.)

Session 4 B Paper Panel: Governance and Collective Bargaining

The Case of the Precarious Presidential Power. Karen AJ Miller (Oakland Univ)

Academic Collective Bargaining and Its Impact on Traditional Faculty Governance. Neil Bucklew and Jeff Houghton (West Virginia Univ)

Collective Bargaining and Faculty Unionization: An AdministrativePerspective. Colleen Quinn (Broward College)

Session 4 C Paper Panel: Case Studies in Governance

Development of a Program Enrollment and Budget Analysis Tool at UMBC. Bruce Walz,

Antonio Moreira, Christopher Steele (Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Academic Freedom and Faculty Rights in a Time of University Restructuring and Financial Armageddon: One Department’s Perspective and Journey at SFSU. Natalio Avani (San Francisco State Univ.)

Reclaiming Pragmatism in Shared Governance. Michael Kelly and Cyndi Brandenburg (Champlain College)

Saturday 12:30–2:15 Plenary Lunch

Roundtable Presentation: Preliminary Recommendations of AAUP

Subcommittee on Contingent Faculty and Governance

Mayra Besosa (Cal State Univ.), Puri Martinez (East Carolina Univ.), Joe Berry (Univ. of Illinois), Lenore Beaky (LaGuardia Community College)

Saturday 2:30–4:00 Session 5

Session 5 A Workshop: Implications of the Garcetti Decision for Shared Governance

Robert O’Neil (Univ. of Virginia) and Gerry Turkel (Univ. of Delaware)

Session 5 B Paper Panel: Contingent Faculty and Governance

Reconstituting Contingent Identities: Professional Development and Rhetorics of Change in Governance. Debra Dew (UC Colorado Springs)

Contingent Faculty Can Have a Voice in the 21st Century Academy: Lessons and Suggestions from Term Faculty. Glenn Moomau and Lacey Wooton (American Univ)

Perspectives from the Wedge: Governance in an Age of Contingency. Tina Kelleher (Towson Univ.)

Session 5 C Paper Panel: Case Studies in Governance

Shared Governance in a Time of Rapid Change: One Institution’s Experience.

Bill Conlogue, Laurie McMillan and Kathleen Ruthkosky (Marywood University)

Reforming Collaborative Governance Collaboratively: the Santa Clara Experience.

Jane Curry (Santa Clara Univ)

Session 5 D Paper Panel: Attacks on Collective Bargaining for Faculty in Ohio

Adopting Ohio Senate Bill 5: The Role of the Public University Presidents. Sheldon Gelman (Cleveland State Univ.), Sara Kilpatrick (Ohio Conference of AAUP), Steve Aby (Univ. of Akron), Rudy Fichtenbaum (Wright State Univ.)

Saturday 4:15–5:45 Session 6

Session 6 A Workshop: Faculty Involvement in Evaluation of Administrators

Robert Kreiser (AAUP Staff), Joerg Tiede (Illinois Wesleyan Univ.), Lenore Beaky (LaGuardia Community College), Puri Martinez (East Carolina Univ.)

Session 6 B Paper Panel: Getting Faculty Involved in Governance

Cultivating Motivation to Participate in University Senate. Joanne Cohen Hamilton, Deryl Johnson and Susan Mangold (Kutztown Univ.)

The Experience of Nursing Faculty. Cheryl Delgado (Cleveland State Univ)

Session 6 C Paper Panel: Current State of Governance at Sanctioned Institutions

Update on Idaho State University. Philip Cole (Idaho State Univ.)

The ‘Other’ Antioch: A Cautionary Tale. Ormond Smythe (Antioch Univ Seattle)

Session 6 D Paper Panel: Faculty Unions and Shared Governance: The Cal State University Experience

Henry Reichman (CSU East Bay), Jennifer Egan (CSU East Bay), Karen Davis (CSU Monterey Bay) and John Sarraille (CSU Stanislaus)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday 7:30–8:30 Buffet Breakfast

Sunday 9:00–11:00 Session 7

Session 7 A Workshop: What Senates Need to Know about Budgets

Howard Bunsis (Eastern Michigan Univ.) and Rudy Fichtenbaum (Wright State Univ.)

Session 7 B Paper Panel: Case Studies in Governance

The Evolution of Shared Governance at Lake Superior State University. Linda Schmitigal and Nancy Kirkpatrick (Lake Superior SU, Michigan)

Corporatization—Satan or Savior? The Transformation of a Small New England College.

Randy Hanson, Elizabeth Crockford, and David Winton (Colby‐Sawyer College)

Session 7 C Paper Panel: The Role of the Faculty

The Proper Role of Tenured Faculty. M. Ray Grubbs and Patrick Taylor (Millsaps College)

Revisiting the Role of the American Professoriate. Michael Magarrey, Larry Corbett, Ray Francis (Central Michigan Univ.)

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