Dr Kuklo Patient, John Lane, Admits I was right re Infuse Ethical and Research Misconduct

John Lane has suffered egregiously from “failed back surgery syndrome” that he claims emanated from the surgical machinations of disgraced orthopaedic surgeon Dr Timothy Kuklo, then the Medtronic poster child for Infuse at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis. He sent me an angry email on some of my initial critical reporting on Colonel Kuklo’s falsified research, and faking joint authorship with distinguished medical Army officers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The colonel forged their signatures on the article’s submission to the Journal of Bone and Spine Surgery! He called me a “disgrace” and a “sick and angry person.” This is his email response of May 22, 2009 that I posted in its entirety.



Subsequent to his outburst, Missouri resident John Lane has exchanged many email with me including his recognition that my reporting was accurate. He has always asked and I have always honoured his request for confidentiality ranging from an apology for his initial email, NONE needed, his lawsuit (now dismissed, but he has secured another attorney he tells me) against Dr Kuklo and other personal matters related to his struggle. He even requested my opinion about whether he should grant an interview to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I declined to offer one. He sent me today a link to the article that extensively analyses the corruption between Medtronic, its acolyte physicians and of course the guinea pig victims: the patients whose lives are forever altered by either off-label or prescribed use of Infuse. Therefore, no confidentiality needs to be honoured further given the revelations in the article.

John Lane’s email criticism of my reporting was referenced in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel piece. “At the time of his surgery, Lane said he was not aware of Kuklo’s ethics questions. At first, Lane said, he did well after the surgery. When new stories began to surface about Kuklo’s ethical problems at Walter Reed and Washington University, Lane defended him. He even wrote a letter to a newspaper attacking the coverage of Kuklo.”

I wish I had been mentioned by name not as a newspaper but as a blogger who was the first to blog extensively on this matter. Mr Lane who is courageously fighting for his rights told me he was referring to me in the article. I wish him well and hope that justice will finally be meted out to Dr Kuklo and other physicians with either criminal prosecution, loss of license or restitution. These perverse amoral doctors are more concerned about wealth and capital enrichment than the treatment of vulnerable, sick patients desperate for care and wellness.

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