Michelle Malkin, I am not a punk

Michelle Malkin a right-wing, virulent anti-people reactionary stated that only “punks” were engaged in Occupy Wall Street and related protests sweeping the United States in this fall of our discontent. She made that pejorative and egregious attack as a frequent contributor to that iconic FOX cable show, The O’Reilly Factor starring Bill Eponymous. I did not hear Mr O’Reilly challenge that reference to Americans exercising their right of protest.


Last Saturday in Chicago as part of Occupy Chicago, I participated in a rally on Jackson Street in the Loop at the Chicago Board of Trade that extended to the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on LaSalle Street, the Midwest’s Wall Street if you will.

These are some definitions of “punk” from the online Free Dictionary that the dismissive Ms Malkin used to describe American citizens who are vulnerable, unemployed and afraid of an America that has left them indebted, homeless in many instances and without the capacity to use their education in a constructive manner:


a.  a youth movement of the late 1970s, characterized by anti-Establishment slogans and outrageous clothes and hairstyles
b.  an adherent of punk
c.  short for punk rock
d.  (as modifier) a punk record
2. an inferior, rotten, or worthless person or thing
3. worthless articles collectively
4. (Law) a petty criminal or hoodlum

I did not see “punks.” I saw a diverse group ranging from college professors, students, working folks and the unemployed exercising their First Amendment right to “peaceably assemble.” They carried signs criticising the money-influenced political system. They held aloft an impressive banner of an American flag with the names of thirty economic royalists (companies) in place of stars. Signs criticising “Austerity” with a humble “please inform Congress” of the need to increase stimulus spending adorned the area. Hundreds were protesting the competitive, unbridled capitalism of America as part of the 99% underclass.

I noticed when Ms Malkin used the term “punks” on FOX to describe the protestors her tone was vitriolic and her demeanor enraged. She spit out the word “punks” as her face grew taut and tense. I do not know why Ms Malkin holds such enmity for those experiencing hard times. I do not know the genesis of her failure to understand or grasp the key ingredient that is destroying the fabric of American society: economic inequality and the growing gap between rich and poor.

I do know that the Malkin class-war ideological assault on the working and middle class is no longer going unchallenged. The world that the Michelle Malkins made had a monopoly on our thought and action. Very little protest; very few challenges even from a progressive president. Kinda of a 1950s pall-of-orthodoxy  McCarthyism in which protest of America’s failure to maintain its safety net or to create jobs through a Civilian Conservation Corps or Works Progress Administration was rejected as fiscally unsound and traitorously Keynesian.

The Earth moves. The proletariat is rising. Now the ground is shifting and the monopoly of the vital center of the Democratic-Republican party is being challenged by the people: the people: the people whom our leaders and elite pundits such as Michelle Malkin have ignored for too long. If you can’t exhibit empathy at least avoid a schadenfreude of verbal abuse.

I am not a “punk” and Ms Malkin should understand that neither are the millions of people here and abroad who are demanding economic-redistributive justice and a true socialism based on democracy, equality and the right to a job, a home, an education and a future.

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