DePaul University Convocation Becomes Academic Freedom Protest for Norman G. Finkelstein

These are photos taken on August 31, 2007 at DePaul University’s fall convocation that suggest the dismissal of Professor Norman G. Finkelstein could not prevent protest over his persecution and denial of academic freedom. Many universities in addition to commencement exercises have a fall event to welcome new students and set the tone for the coming year. At this event, the agenda was somewhat altered when free-thinking members of the DePaul community expressed their outrage over the evisceration of academic freedom in the Drs. Finkelstein and Mehrene Larudee tenure-denial cases.

Dean Chuck Suchar, accompanied by security guard in protest garb, is surrounded by academic freedom supporters. The dean wrote the infamous Suchar Memorandum that was first published on this blog.

Dean Suchar of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also wrote the e-mail expelling Dr Finkelstein from his office. In the absence of an adversarial hearing, this was an egregious violation of a terminal contract year.

Another picture of the dean who contravened the Department of Political Science and his own college’s personnel committee that recommended tenure and promotion for Norman G. Finkelstein.

Indicative of those who support Vincentian values, academic freedom, social concern and peace and justice.

Illinois A.A.U.P. Council Member, Matthew Abraham

Image Credits Paul Thayer

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