Faculty at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Go on Strike: Let Freedom Ring!


Republic Steel Strike, Chicago: Then they just killed union members and storm troopers destroyed unions. Now it’s the courts and plutocratic administrators on various campuses.

SIUC tenured and tenure-track faculty are out on strike. The administration instead of addressing their needs are attempting to hire scab labour to replace them. Instead of caring about their students who will suffer with unprepared replacement instructors in the last weeks of a semester, the anti-faculty administration is toughing it out. This is what we see on campus after campus: furloughs, slave adjunct labour mistreated and expanded in numbers, salary freezes, tenured positions replaced by at-will full time labour. The issue is not even over salaries but over furloughs. Professors there are not striking for more money but for justice: to preserve people’s jobs, the academic integrity of SIUC and to avoid more tuition increases!

The scam of higher education is already alarming as tuition goes up to feed the insatiable appetite of administration gluttony: ignore the academic side and hire more vice presidents, associate vice presidents, assistant vice presidents, associate provosts, deans, associate deans and whatever new titles they throw at us these days. At the same time excoriate tenured faculty for not doing enough, for being too lazy, for not spending enough time in the classroom as administrators hire more administrators to do their bidding. At SIUC they have furloughs but the big enchilada President Glenn Poshard continues to steal, not literally, from the taxpayer trough with his big-bucks salary.

Note the SIU system is utterly corrupt from the top. I am not gratuitously charging all at SIUC or SIUE (Edwardsville). The president Glenn Poshard cheated on his doctoral dissertation. He was too stupid to write one but smart enough to copy one I guess. Submitted pages and chapters without quotations, or with footnotes but borrowed rhetoric. Not smart enough to avoid getting caught. Well-connected enough to keep his job. SIUC let him rewrite his dissertation that was caked with dust due to its provenance. Yes this is the Alice in Wonderland looney world of SIU academia but it extracts a real world penalty. Anoint a president, catch him cheating, allow him to correct his cheating decades after the faux dissertation, give him a raise and keep him on salary and then furlough faculty to the point where they need to strike to survive. Cut cut cut faculty as six-figured income administrators go tsk tsk tsk: “We are so bloated with these professors that we just have to let them go.” No! Let THEM go, the bosses so we can get back to teaching and educating our students!

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