Steven Plaut’s Incapacity in Rendering Impartial Judgment and Rational Discourse: A FrontPageMag Writer

One of David Horowitz’s favourite writers for is Steven Plaut. While Mr Horowitz is the nation’s leading conservative critic of higher education, I think Professor Plaut finds it difficult to engage in academic argumentation. John Wilson has commented on the ruthless and irrational attack of Professor Plaut upon DePaul University English professor Matthew Abraham. Professor Plaut has the distinction of being an Israeli professor who was convicted in an Israeli court of libel for using the term “anti-semitic” against the world-renown scholar Professor Neve Gordon, Ben-Gurion University. He has used the same epithet against me while safely ensconced in his academic position in Israel. The American native uses his spare time to vilify and attack academicians in the United States of America who oppose, for example, apartheid against the Palestinians, and Israel’s mass murder and war crimes against Lebanon.

I have written that the professor, who teaches Finance and not Middle East studies at the University of Haifa, has savaged DePaul students who had matriculated in Dr Norman G. Finkelstein’s classes and concentrated his ire against vulnerable junior faculty who are struggling to obtain tenure and at the same time pursue critical thinking and analytical independence. A challenge to Dr Plaut: write a substantive essay on the politics of the region; demonstrate some knowledge of the geopolitical situation in the Middle East. Use your academic energies to debate points and refute assertions and stop your little game of trying to get people fired or in trouble who don’t fully replicate your own xenophobic Zionist views of the State of Israel. Steven, you can do it if you try and “Remember Your Humanity and Forget the Rest.”

See my most recent commentary on Professor Plaut:

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