Teach-in at Chicago St Xavier University in National Struggle for Adjunct Right to Organise

If the Buckeye state of Ohio can vote down a union busting law by Governor John Kasich, then maybe the tide is turning in favour of Americans seeking the right to join and preserve a union.

SXU’s AAUP chapter to present “Support An Adjunct Professors Union” teach-in

SXU’s American Association of University Professors chapter presents a “Support An Adjunct Professors Union” teach-in. It will be in McGuire Hall from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Wed., Nov. 16.

The moderator will be AAUP-chapter president, School of Education Professor Peter Hilton.

Anticipated Speakers are:
-Bill Droel, editor, National Center for the Laity
-Frank Brooks, adjunct professor at Roosevelt University and Illinois education activist
-Errol Magidson, adjunct psychology professor
-Jim  Kollros, adjunct history professor
-Robert Tapia, adjunct philosophy professor
-Jim Andreu, former adjunct criminal justice
-Aisha Karim, English department professor
-Peter N. Kirstein, history and political science professor

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