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I had blogged on this before and had posted their federal complaint. At the time their attorney wanted me to delete one of their names, Penny Silvers. That is why only two were cited by name. This is their federal lawsuit for justice and ending academic misogyny at DePaul. DePaul has the worst academic freedom record in Illinois and one of the worst in the nation. Its caving in with such cowardess and venality to the ruthless, hatefilled Alan Dershowitz campaign of scorched earth destruction against Norman Finkelstein showed the utter contempt that the institution has for creative, brilliant, and justice-oriented faculty. The Namita Goswami case was another example of both racism, and sexism as well. It is not just the administration but entitled, elitist liberal faculty such as those in the Department of Philosophy, (some in that department) who are part of the problem.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Many of you are aware of the outrageous tenure denials at DePaul University in the past several years (see links under “About Us”). Three of us, Melissa Bradshaw, Jennifer Holtz, and Penny Silvers, have an active gender discrimination case against the university. Since our tenure denials, we have sought redress from DePaul University, first by exhausting all on-campus, local and state remedies, then by filing a federal lawsuit alleging gender discrimination, breach of contract, academic freedom violations, age discrimination in one case, and retaliation in another case.

The lawsuit has now entered litigation—the most demanding, intensive and costly part of the process. While our attorneys are doing all they can to help us, litigation costs such as deposition fees (subpoenas, court reporter fees, and transcript production) are, unfortunately, non-negotiable. Furthermore, since leaving DePaul, one of us is underemployed and without health insurance, while the other two have had our salaries greatly reduced. Under the circumstances, and recognizing the many other pressing issues and financial burdens everyone is facing at this time, we are asking for contributions to assist us with some of these costs during this crucial phase of our struggle.

DePaul has bottomless pockets, and feels no compunction about dragging this out as long as possible in order to discourage us and drain our resources. Please, if you can, help us fight for justice at DePaul.

Donations may be made directly to Bernabei & Wachtel, PLLC via PayPal (see “Donate” link).

Or if you prefer, checks may be mailed to

Lynne Bernabei

Bernabei &Wachtel, PLLC

1775 T Street, NW

Washington, DC 20009

You may also call 202-483-4675 to make credit card donations.

Any remaining funds will be donated to Feminists Against Academic Discrimination (

Thank you in advance for your generosity and continued support. Please help us spread the word.


Most sincerely,

Melissa, Jennifer, and Penny



Donate securely through our online donation page.


This new website will allow supporters like you to make donations and also help spread the word about our case to your friends and family. We thank you deeply for your support.


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