Cliopatria: A Group Blog of Historians Links my Iran TV Interview

Cliopatria, which is a blog carried on George Mason University’s History News Network, linked my YouTube video that contained two interviews on Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, Jame Jam network. Cliopatria is a frequented weblog for those interested in commentary on higher education and criticism of various literary currents.

I was pleased that Maureen Dowd, New York Times columnist, was critical of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s recent vote to declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps a “foreign terrorist organisation.” The column was unusually objective in excoriating the senator for attempting to demonstrate her “manly” warrior virtues by supporting this absurd “Sense of the Senate” resolution. It is clear that warmongers such as the “Republican” Senator from Connecticut, Joseph I. Lieberman, who co-sponsored this disgraceful Senate run-up to war authorisation, are willing to spill the blood of America’s working class in order to disseminate their hatred of Arab peoples and fulfill their messianic dream of Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

The road to peace is not through war and racism. It is instructive to recognise legitimate national security interests of nations in the region, which through geopolitics and historical ethnic ties, have a natural interest in the future of Iraq. These nations are not as consumed with power-maximixing colonialism and imperialism. Iran is a neighbor of Iraq that also possesses a majority of inhabitants who are Shi’a. While only a slim majority of Iranians are Persians, those who speak Farsi, it clearly shares an intimate ethnic relationship with Iraq that cannot be reversed by General David Petraeus and other slick viceroys who believe that the legitimacy of influence is determined by firepower alone.

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