The Shame of Israel and America: Unilateral Nuclearism

It is quite maddening to see the Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu (Mr War Hawk Colonialist Benjamin Netanyahu) make his spring pilgrimage to raise money for his colonialist enterprise in the Levant. A small one but quite lethal. The tyrant is eager to butcher Iranian children and women: in the name of “existential threat.”

While the United States is officially unaware of the nuclear status of Israel, I am informing the United States that Israel does possess nuclear weapons. I am also confirming that Israel engages in uranium enrichment. Only the United States fails to recognise that Israel is a nuclear power with both fission and fission-fusion-fission bombs. Even Israeli leaders from time to time have owned up to the world of Dimona and nuclear weaponry. For the uninitiated, Israel has atomic and thermonuclear weapons that can destroy every single Muslim and Jew in the Middle East. Yet they insist that Iran cease from Iranian enrichment as US and Israel centrifuges spin merrily along in their world without ethics or decency.

Yet the Likud colonialist is pressuring President Obama to give Israel the green light to destroy Natanz, Isfahan and other Iranian CITIES and nuclear-energy sites in country. Of course, no American president much less an Israeli hegemonic president would even mention both that Iran is a non-nuclear weapons state AND would never attack a nuclear power due to “existential” deterrence.

1) We are told once Iran decides to develop a nuclear deterrent, Israel, the Jewish state with a 25% Muslim minority, will be threatened with an atomic holocaust.

2) We are told that if Iran were to possess a nuclear weapon or actively pursue that option, that the US would go to war to prevent it.

3) The fear of candor and the fear of the Israel lobby is so enveloping that the average person probably believes a non-nuclear Israel is concerned it would be the target of a first-strike attack as was Japan in the atomic holocausts of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The arrogance and monstrous hypocrisy of Bibi is palpable. What about the Palestinians? What about your own ethnic minorities who are not allowed–as American chattel slavery–to serve in the military? What about the crimes against humanity you committed in Gaza?

The inconvenient truth is that Israel’s begging for war due to its professed fear of nuclear attack is racist and a criminal falsehood. It is merely a smokescreen to divert attention from restoring Palestine to its 1967 borders but I prefer 1948. Anyone with a sense of honour knows that Iran does not possess nuclear weapons, probably will not develop nuclear weapons, and if they were to do so, the existential threat to Israel would not exist. Deterrence, while evil, works. Nuclear-weapon states do not attack other nuclear weapon states for fear of a devastating second strike attack. Israel needs containment; not Iran. Israel is an invader and an attacker of other lands. Not the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran has officially eschewed a nuclear option. Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khameini has issued a fatwa against these systems. Logic would dictate that Israel with nuclear weapons is more of a threat to the region and itself than a nuclear-free zone subject to full safeguards and International Atomic Energy Administration (IAEA) inspections.

The world is asking Iran to engage in a dismantlement of its nuclear programme and yet is silent about the nuclear status of Israel: this unilateral nuclearism, the toleration of one regional nuclear power but no others is imperialism and racist colonialism.

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