Senator Barack Obama on Conference Call: December 20, 2007

I was part of a conference call that started at 9:01 at ended at 9:12 pm C.S.T. Senator Barack Obama predicted he would win the Iowa caucuses on January 3, 2008. There was no equivocation in his prediction. He stated the issue of his voting “present” while in the Illinois legislature was not a very significant issue. Judge Abner Mikva who was also part of the conference call stated that voting “present” was akin to a “no” vote. As a former United States Representative, member of the Illinois House, and White House Counsel (1994-1995) under Mr Bill Clinton, he should know.  

Senator Obama said, “He has lived a pretty clean life” and that the effort to find negatives in his past are not working. The senator said he did not feel a need to publicly respond to the “present” vote imbroglio but that if it had legs, he would. The Clinton campaign is trying to portray him as indecisive in not voting “yes” or “no” on some votes when he was in the Illinois State Senate. I know one thing; Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton voted “yes” to authorise a criminal war in October 2002 which in my estimation disqualifies her from serving as president. Such poor judgment, if not lack of ethical standards, do not suggest a capacity to be president of the United States.

Sen. Obama said the issue of experience was really a test to see if one would continue the inside the beltway foibles and misdirections of the past. He said he represented a different direction. He said he is young, is named Barack Obama and is an African-American and for some, that is the real issue. Generally, he sounded upbeat, refreshed and is quite gripping and alluring even on the telephone. There is charisma and magic about him. Whether he will change America in a progressive direction, even if elected, only time will tell.

He said if he were to win New Hampshire in addition to Iowa, then “we might just win this thing.” He was in New Hampshire and was about to leave for Iowa where he will be staying until Christmas Eve. Senator Obama said he had the best organisation of any candidate which may or may not be true but his rise in the polls certainly could be attributed at least in part to a well-organised and skilled political coterie of supporters.

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