Twenty New Hampshire Soldiers Killed in Iraq War Aggression. Vote Against the War!

The New Hampshire primary is scheduled for Tuesday, January 8, 2008. Twenty New Hampshire military personnel were killed in the immoral, terrorist Iraq War. Both Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Edwards voted to authorise the use of military force in October 2002. Mr Edwards, a principled, admirable populist, has renounced his vote as a mistake. Yet he showed critical error in voting for this aggesssion. The New York Senator has not disavowed her vote and ran third in the Iowa caucuses.

Barack Obama, while not in the United States Senate when it authorised Mr Bush to use force against defenceless Iraq, did oppose the war prior to its inception when serving in the Illinois State Senate. The last presidential election in 2004, the Democratics nominated a confused, indecisve but prowar candidate in Senator John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts. It is time to end the war and while elections may not reverse the militarism and imperialism of America, it is currently the only game in town.

Andover McDaniel, Juctin R. P. Private 1st Class 17-Dec-2007
Berlin Rosenberg, Randy S. Sergeant 24-Jan-2004
Conway Ferguson, Richard L. Master Sergeant 30-Mar-2004
East Hampstead Grassbaugh, Jonathan D. Captain 07-Apr-2007
Gilmanton Cournoyer, Nicholas Private 1st Class 18-May-2006
Gorham Schneider, Matthew E. Specialist 28-Aug-2006
Landaff Burgess, Alan J. Specialist 15-Oct-2004
Littleton Regnier, Jeremy F. Specialist 13-Oct-2004
Manchester Brooks, Adam R. Lance Corporal 28-Nov-2004
Manchester Roehl Jr., George R. Private 1st Class 11-Apr-2006
Manchester McCaughn, Ryan T. Lance Corporal 07-Nov-2006
Manchester Olsen, Toby R. Specialist 20-Jan-2007
Merrimack/Hillsborough Gibson, Timothy M. Corporal 26-Jan-2005
Nashua Rooney, Robert E. Sergeant 1st Class 25-Sep-2003
Newport Rollins, Justin A. Specialist 05-Mar-2007
Pelham Gionet, Daniel Sergeant 06-Jun-2006
Plymouth DiCenzo, Douglas A. Captain 25-May-2006
Salem Moscillo, Robert L. Lance Corporal 01-May-2006
Salem Arvanitis, Nicholas A. Corporal 06-Oct-2006
Wolfeboro Falls Stanley, Matthew J. Specialist 16-Dec-2006

Source: Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

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