AAUP Formal Letter Announcing Investigation of National Louis University

Original document in PDF form but downloaded into Word.


June 12, 2012

Dr. Nivine Megahed

President National Louis University

122 South Michigan Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60603

Dear President Megahed:

We regret that you have declined thus far to respond to our letters ofMay 7 and May 21, setting forth our Association’s concerns relating to the action taken by your administration to terminate the appointments ofa large number oftenured as well as other long-serving nontenured faculty members at National Louis University.

National Louis University President Megahed

Our Association’s general secretary, after reviewing the information available to us on these cases, and after conferring with members ofthe Association’s staff, has reached the conclusion that this matter raises significant issues ofacademic freedom, tenure, and due process. In situations ofthis kind, which present developments ofbasic concern to the academic community, our experience has indicated that it is desirable, in fairness to the institutional administration, to the affected faculty members, and to the institution as a whole, to establish an ad hoc committee composed ofpersons who have had no previous involvement with the particular matter, to conduct its own full inquiry without prejudgment of any kind. The general secretary has therefore authorized the appointment of such a committee to investigate the cases ofconcern.

In accordance with our customary procedures, the ad hoc committee will be selected by the Association from among members ofthe academic profession ofrecognized standing. It will visit National Louis University at the mutual convenience ofthe committee and the institution. It will be specifically charged with consulting in full measure with you, and with such members ofthe faculty and the administration as may be designated, in order to ensure that the university will have a complete opportunity to present its position. The ad hoc committee will prepare a report for the consideration of the Association’s Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure, which may authorize its publication. The ad hoc committee will be instructed not to release on its own account any substantive information to the press. Under Association procedures, prior to any publication a draft text is submitted on a confidential basis to the institution’s chief administrative officer and to others principally concerned in the report, with an invitation to them to offer corrections of any factual errors and whatever other comments they deem suitable.

President Nivine Megahed

June 12, 2012

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We shall be writing again to inform you ofthe names ofthe members ofthe ad hoc committee and the proposed dates for the committee’s visit. We should like at this time to emphasize the Associa­tion’s receptivity in these cases, as in all others, to a resolution that would preclude the necessity for the investigation now authorized.


B. Robert Kreiser

Associate Secretary


cc: Mr. Richard M. Ross, Jr., Chair, Board ofTrustees Dr. Christine 1. Quinn, Provost Dr. Walter Roettger, Dean, College ofArts and Sciences Dr. Alison R. Hilsabeck, Dean, National College of Education Mr. Thomas R. Bergmann, Vice President of Human Resources Professor Timothy Collins, Chair, Faculty Senate Professor Michelle Turner Mangan, Chair, Senate Finance Committee Professor Todd Price, President, NLU Chapter AAUP Professor Michael Harkins, President, Illinois Conference AAUP Professor Peter Kirstein, Chair, Illinois Conference Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure

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