Observations and Assertions About the 2008 United States Primary Campaign


1) I know Al Gore is wondering if he will be at the top of the ticket due to a deadlocked Democratic convention with neither candidate receiving the magical 2025 delegate majority. Will they turn to him as they did to the insipid West Virginian John W. Davis after 103 ballots during the 1924 New York city convention?

2) I don’t believe Senator Barack Obama, the more liberal of the two leading candidates, would select Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as his vice presidential running mate. The United States due to its Jim Crow, racist, patriarchal past would unlikely elect both an African-American and a woman to the nation’s two highest constitutional offices.

3) John McCain, Senator of Arizona, would defeat Senator Clinton and probably Senator Barack Obama. I believe however that the Illinois Senator would have a better chance simply because he might energise younger, more independent voters who are not quite as brainwashed into believing the United States is a besieged nation that is vulnerable to a myriad of enemies and needs a “Commander in Chief” mentality.

4) I do not believe Senator John Edwards, Governor Bill Richardson or for that matter Vice President Al Gore will endorse a candidate for the forseeable future. It would doom their vice presidential or presidential aspirations if they supported a candidate who did not garner the nomination during the Denver August convention or if they appeared too partisan. Yet an Albert Gore endorsement would possibly be an enormous catalyst in pushing a candidate toward the nomination. Yet Mr Gore would benefit from a deadlocked convention because I would presume only he would have the stature to be a compromise candidate.

5) I would advise the war criminal sociopath Senator John McCain to select Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Republican of Texas, particularly if a woman is on the Democratic ticket. She would be quite formidable due to her knowledge of national security issues and her bona fides as a “pure” conservative. At age 65 at the time of the inaugural, she would somewhat balance the seventy-two year cancer survivor former bomber of North Vietnamese noncombatants.

6) I think it is rather humorous that the overly tanned Republican Florida governor, Charlie Crist is so concerned that the Democratic voters not be excluded from the electoral process and have a second chance at a primary. Florida and Michigan arrogantly and selfishly violated Democratic National Committee rules and held their primaries prior to indecisive, “Unsuper” Tuesday: Michigan on January 15 and Florida on January 29. Hence, their delegates are mute at the Democratic convention. Senator Obama did not even appear on the Michigan ballot. As a supporter of the sociopath Mr McCain, Governor Crist would benefit, as would his candidate, by extending the acrimonious primary season to delay and further fracture the selection of a Demcratic presidential candidate. Mr Crist is a typical elitist governor who would rather see the U.S. fight immoral wars than assert any ethical reservations about a rogue state that may elect a war criminal. What a despicable, political hack governor who is so patently political, that he makes a mockery of his state and his position: after all he followed Governor Jeb Bush which tells you something about the unenlightened nature of many Florida voters. Yet they honoured themselves and their nation in their not insignificant support of Ralph Nader in the 2000 general election. So I suppose things even out in the long term.

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