Senator John McCain’s 100 Year Iraq War

From the New York Times court liberal Frank Rich, who adorns his lengthy but uninformative columns with needlessly excessive links, to conservative writers such as Charles Krauthammer, harangues are flying against the two major Democratic candidates for president for accusing Senator McCain of accepting a century-long struggle in American occupied Iraq. Both Senators Barack Obama and the otherwise dissembling Hillary Rodham Clinton however are accurately referring to Senator McCain’s call for a possible one-hundred year occupation (Video) of Iraq.

While the senator, who disgraced himself and his nation for bombing innocent civilians in all likelihood in a genocidal war in Vietnam, did not directly advocate another hundred years of combat operations in country, he certainly is receptive to a century’s long occupation of Iraq. Such insouciance concerning American imperialism and domination of a Muslim nation is obscene. The senator from Arizona is utterly incapable of recognising the immorality of continued American occupation and indiscriminate warfighting tactics in the region. I presume if American troops could kill the phantasmagorical Al Qaeda and other “radical jihadists” for a century without any casualties, Senator McCain would approve. I would not because the planet cannot forever endure a rogue terrorist state such as the United States that despoliates the environment and slaughters non-white peoples throughout the world.

I wonder if the presumptive Republican presidential nominee believes that Iraq could be “pacified” as the Korean Peninsula and that an American military occupation of a Shi’a majority nation would not be resisted with national-liberation insurgencies or caught in the crossfire of inter-ethnic rivalries as those between Sunni and Shi’a or even Shia’ and Shi’a (Sadrists v. Prime Minister Maliki’s ragtag ineffectual Parliamentary supporters).

I hope Senator Barack Obama in particular will not be intimidated by  Senator McCain’s supporters or worse New York Times liberals who are trying to bowdlerize the seventy-one year old senator’s acceptance of a hundred-year occupation of Iraq. That indeed could not be possible without significant casualties. At best Senator John McCain is unaware that an occupation of Iraq could not be bloodless as his putative enemy former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld believed; at worse, it confrims his lack of vision that America needs to rethink its strategic approach to global hegemony and adopt a less militaristic, geostrategic approach to international affairs.

The Republican senator is consumed with military images, the reliance on war and killing, the imaging of death and destruction of our endlessly shifting but perpetual enemies. His campaign is remorselessly sadistic as it eschews diplomacy, negotiations and creative non-violent alternatives to interstate violence. His world, his life, his essence is to kill, dominate and expand American hyperpower influence. He does not possess the capacity of growth or reflection but merely a fanatical, paranoid exaggeration of an America in peril and a belief that guns alone can solve the myriad problems that afflict our wayward and monstrously destructive nation.

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