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Rerum Novarum on Unions: A Right that is Under Assault by Roman Catholic Educational Leaders

Leo XIII’s, 1891 papal encyclical, Rerum Novarum constitutes a cautious but affirmative statement for workers’ rights. Rerum Novarum does not go far enough in my opinion due to its hostility to socialism and the need to have greater government-managed economic … Continue reading

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John Garvey, President of Censured Catholic University of America, Hits SXU Adjuncts, Needs to Read Rerum Novarum

This blog post has been posted by Academe, with additional links, on the American Association of University Professors official blog: John Garvey, president of  censured Catholic University of America (CUA), a pontifical university that has a dismal record of aggressively promoting conformity to … Continue reading

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Presidents’ Day is Racialism Day: Mt Rushmore honours Slaveowners!

Presidents’ Day should be abolished. It is unseemly to celebrate evil especially if Presidents’ Day has morphed from Washington’s Birthday to a full-court press in honour of these men. It is well to remember how evil so many were. Eight of the twelve slave-owning … Continue reading

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Blue State with Right-wing Enemy of Free Speech, Academic Freedom and Tenure: the Illinois Supreme Court

The Illinois Supreme Court in a lawless act of judicial incompetence, CHICAGO TEACHERS UNION, LOCAL No. 1, AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS, Appellee, v. THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE CITY OF CHICAGO et al., Appellants  is denying basic human rights to tenured … Continue reading

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Susan Piros Sentenced February 16, 2012 to 42 months for ripping off SXU

Fourth Update: 1520 hours CST February 18, 2012 See below for an announcement made by the St Xavier University president. Let’s not gloat over the former vice president for business and finance’s misery. She will suffer mightily for stealing nearly $900,000 from … Continue reading

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Nuclear Tension: Israel v Iran and the US Anti-Muslim Bias

Isarel does not get it. A proclaimed Jewish state with 25% of its citizens of Muslim faith is so antithetical to the American way of life, that one wonders why the “Israeli Exception” is tolerated. The US denounces terrrorism but looks … Continue reading

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