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Staff Sgt. Robert Bales and Alleged American Exceptionalism

An alleged baby-killer that slaughtered sixteen civilians in American-occupied Afghanistan is revealed as Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. Yet as usual, the non-reflective, prowar press is proffering the usual litany of excuses. They focus on the individual accused and not the … Continue reading

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Loretta Capeheart Petition for Academic Freedom and Justice at Northeastern Illinois University

Demand justice for Professor Loretta Capeheart! Sign the petition Donate Resources   An Appeal to Defend Free Speech and Academic Freedom   Signatories: Anthony Arnove, Editor, Haymarket Books Noam Chomsky, Institute professor (emeritus), MIT Mike Davis, Professor, UC Riverside William … Continue reading

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The Shame of Israel and America: Unilateral Nuclearism

It is quite maddening to see the Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu (Mr War Hawk Colonialist Benjamin Netanyahu) make his spring pilgrimage to raise money for his colonialist enterprise in the Levant. A small one but quite lethal. The tyrant … Continue reading

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