Immoral America and Geopolitical Fallacies: (Israel and Iran)

Let's be clear. The United States is exuberant over Israel's disproportionate response to the capture of its soldiers during war. The U.S. wants Hezbollah eliminated because it construes this as containing Iranian and Syrian power in Lebanon and in the region. The U.S. wants the destruction of Hezbollah, by any means necessary, because of its larger war against Iran. Yet Hezbollah partisans are Lebanese, not Iranian. There are no Iranian soldiers in Lebanon or any other country in the region.

The U.S. also was willing to let many of its citizens die or remain in peril in Beirut from Israel strategic bombing in Lebanon because if it moved too fast, it would be appear to lending support to the notion of a humanitarian crisis caused by Israeli extermination bombing. This might create the impression that the Axis–Israel and U.S.–were displaying fissures and disagreement in their policy. So that is why the U.S. was one of the last countries to begin the repatriation of its citizens to Cyprus. Also many of these Americans are Lebanese or Middle Eastern in ethnicity and do not garner the degree of government protection as Anglo-Americans. I concede this is provocative but not necessarily inaccurate. Recall the U.S., a wealthy power, was going to charge the evacuees money for the service. I wonder if the criminals would have accepted credit cards. Think about this. The U.S. which wastes over 700 billion USD a year on "defence" was going to bill Americans who were fleeing racist, criminal Israeli bombing.

The game of geopolitics will fail. The U.S. has lost the war in Iraq and hoped that Israel would pull its chestnuts from the fire. No, what began as an Arab-Israeli conflict is now a Muslim (Arab and Persian) v. American and Israeli conflict. When Iran acquires nuclear weapons, and I support denuclearisation and abolition of these systems, one of two things will happen. There will be short term stability because Israel will recognise that its military superiority is limited and diplomacy will be construed as a logical option. Long term I believe the potential for a nuclear exchange in the region is not unlikely. The U.S. and Israel are beyond redemption. These are criminal states that are ruthless, selfish and racist. I am not sure what countervailing power or coalition of nations can stop this alliance and its plunge into self-destruction.

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Israel: The Unifier of Shi’a and Sunni

Israel is doing what most Muslims and certainly the United States could not do. That is unify Shi’a and Sunni forces in the resistance against American-Israeli colonisation and racist terrorism.

Hezbollah, created after Israel's invasion of Lebanon in 1982, which means “Party of God”  and consists of Lebanese Shi’a who are a resistance force against Israel’s half century occupation of various lands belonging to state parties in the region: Lebanon, Syria and Palestine. Hamas, an elected government through democratic, open elections has been kidnapped in a regime change effort in Gaza and the West Bank. Hamas is Sunni Palestinian. Yet the enemy of my enemy is my friend seems to be operative here.

While Israel did withdraw from most of Lebanon in 2000, Hezbollah’s capture of two Israeli soldiers transpired after Israeli aggression and reoccupation of Gaza. Apparently Israel and the Americans believe that coalitions and alliances should be restricted for Judeo-Christian-crusading societies that have nuclear weapons and no regard for stewardship of the planet. They condemn Syria and Iran for assisting Hezbollah or Hamas that many see as a legitimate use of state sovereignty in supporting the decolonisation of the region.

Iraq is noted for violent schisms between Sunni and Shi’a. Yet in Palestine and in Lebanon, the major resistance forces against Israel are also Sunni and Shi’a as they desperately attempt to ally against the American supplied and orchestrated Israeli use of massive, firepower. Every hour, every day hundreds of millions of Muslims, most of whom are Sunni and not avid supporters of Hezbollah, become alienated and resentful of the American-Israeli pulverization of their people.

A house destroyed by Israeli jets in Baalbek, east Lebanon
Lebanon toll passes 200

This is the madness and immorality of the US and its proxy Israel. Vicious, horrible leaders who murder out of joy and love of the destruction of those who believe in a different god or whose skin is of a different colour. This is the reality of the 21st Century. Lawless nations attempting the imposition of their will due to superior firepower on those who wish to be left alone.

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Israel Air Force Pilots: Remember Your Past

As I look at southern Beirut, I recall the strategic bombing during World War II. Cities bombed directly. Those IDF pilots should ditch their aircraft in the Mediterranean before engaging in acts of ruthless slaughter. They should recall the plight of the Jews in which many innocent civilians were killed in the German campaign of relocation and mass slaughter. It has come to this. A country who has occupied Arab land for half a century, has three soldiers captured, while it holds 1000s of innocent Palestinians and GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS OF PALESTINE, orders its pilots, who have no manhood or valour, to bomb Shia areas of Beirut. This kind of extermination bombing is what those of us, not afraid to criticise Israel and their persecution of innocent Arabs, have studied and observed since the Irgun or Stern Gang of Palestine mandate days.

As I look at destroyed bridges, destroyed office buildings, entire neighbourhoods ravaged by those cowards who fly those American built aircraft, I think of Dresden, of Hamburg, of Köln. I think how can those pilots fly those missions and feel no remorse or guilt for the babies, women, and thousands of innocents who did nothing to them except pray to the god and subscribe to the religious belief shared by Hezbollah?

Air force pilots who bomb indiscriminately, no matter what the pretext, are not brave and not heroes. They are simply murderers following orders of murderers. If I had been given an order to commit mass murder against civilians when I was in uniform, I assure you I would have declined to carry out an illegal, immoral order.

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North Korea’s Accurate Assessment of U.S. Missile Defence

I think the D.P.R.K. is basically correct in this assessment. The U.S. does not need a Ballistic Missile Defence. The threat is so small and the expenditure on B.M.D. so massive that frankly it is an excuse to pump many more billions into the Pentagon despite the absence of a strategic threat.

Yes the D.P.R.K. has a point in terms of underlying nuclear doctrine. As I have mentioned elsewhere, the U.S. would prefer to be able to exercise a first-strike nuclear capability and by having B.M.D., it would make it more likely that the U.S. could achieve such a despicable action. America might believe a nuclear attack could be so decisive that a "weak" second-strike response could be deterred by missile defence.

This D.P.R.K. dispatch is also referring to the deployment of Aegis class, missile interceptors on ships and a Patriot system to Japan. One cannot, however, totally dismiss the need to react to the missile tests of July 4. Yet great powers should be able to exercise greater wisdom, restraint and effective diplomacy when dealing with a tiny, militarised, impoverished nation. The press release is accurate in suggesting that U.S. armament is a greater threat to international peace and stability than that of the D.P.R.K. It is accurate in depicting American desires for world hegemony. It is hardly alone in depicting American power as unrestrained and ruthless.

I am no fan of the D.P.R.K. in terms of either its domestic or external policies but the U.S. is to a large extent the cause of the D.P.R.K.'s external behaviour and statements. Recall that the chief complaint of the D.P.R.K. is the U.S. refusal to negotiate directly. This is something that the U.S. should be ashamed of resisting. Imagine our so-called enemy merely wanting to implement bilateral talks and the powerful U.S. saying as Mr Bush did recently, it feared such talks because they could not control them. Imagine that!

U.S. Moves to Deploy Interceptor Missiles under Fire

   Pyongyang, July 11 (KCNA) — The United States is now hell bent on deploying interceptor missiles at strategic vantages. It is feverishly indoctrinating countries concerned with the rumor of "missile threat" to implement its scheme of interceptor missile deployment.
    Minju Joson in a commentary Tuesday strips bare the desperate moves of the U.S. to bring into shape networks of missile defense system covering the whole globe including Asia-Pacific and European regions and cover up its real intention with the doctrine of "missile threat".
    Noting that it is none other than the U.S. which is threatening other countries with massive nuclear and missile forces, the commentary goes on:
    In crying over "missile threat" the U.S. seeks to conceal its sinister intention and, behind the curtain, create favorable climate and condition for implementing its strategy of world supremacy.
    What the U.S. is after is to freely carry into action its preemptive strike strategy after setting up a colossal missile defense system at every strategic vantage and binding other countries hand and foot to neutralize their means of retaliation.
    On the other hand, the U.S. is going to drag the world into vast military expenditures by giving rise to an arms race in such costly domain as missile development.
    It considers that it can easily realize its dominationist ambition against other countries, if it attains such strategic goal through the deployment of interceptor missiles.
    Scathingly exposed to the international community is the anti-peace, hegemonist colors of the U.S., which is bringing instability to the world and threatening peace, buoyed by ambition of world supremacy.
    The U.S. should know that its confrontation policy and hegemonist ambition is a daydream which stands no chance of realization.

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U.S. Used Napalm W.M.D. Against Koreans and Later in Vietnam

Photo: US army, AP source: The Guardian Unlimited South Korean napalm victim
The caption on this US army photo identified this man as a South Korean victim of a napalm bombing raid near Suwon, South Korea, on January 29 1951. Gasoline-gel napalm bombs were used extensively by US forces during the Korean war.

As in Vietnam, U.S. imperialist  forced killed many hundreds of thousands or millions of "friendly" civilians in the countries they were supposedly liberating. They also burned the innocent with napalm in both South Vietnam and Korea. I am a citizen of a ruthless country that skilfully convinced much of the interantional community for decades, they were the saviour of the "free world." Ironically, with the Cold War over, the world can see more clearly what this saviour looks like. I have known for many years the gap between ideals and action in terms of what the U.S. stands for. Finally the whole world is becoming aware of this global, expansionist menace. 

South Korean napalm victim


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European Union Critical of Israeli Terrorism in Lebanon. Why the Silence in America?

The European Union today criticised Israel for “the disproportionate use of force” in Lebanon “in response to attacks by Hezbollah on Israel,” according to a statement issued by the current Finnish presidency. It said that “the imposition of an air and sea blockade on Lebanon cannot be justified.”

UK Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett stated: “While Israel is entitled to do what is required to protect its security, it should do so in a way which does not escalate the situation and which is proportionate and measured, conforms to international law, and avoids civilian deaths and suffering,” she said.  New York Times July 13, 2006.

It is not surprising that no U.S. Senator or member of the House of Representatives have condemned Israeli barbarism. Its destruction of two countries for three soldiers legally captured on the battlefield. Israel, like the U.S., is a nation of hatred, of vicious, brutal arrogance with its nuclear weapons and superior firepower. It is devastating millions of innocents because of its racism. The State of Israel believes Jews are superior to Muslims. The state religion is Jewish. It is not a democracy but a theocracy with significant gaps in civil liberties and civil rights between Israeli Jews and non-Jews; modern democracies do not have official religions. Why is this acceptable or beyond criticism in this country? Many religious groups have experienced exploitation and pogroms and persecution as the Jews without establishing a separate homeland that proved to be so disruptive and violative of the rights of an indigenus population–the Palestinians. Their rights and history need to be understood as well.

Israel has the right to its sovereignty and its security. Yet lessons must be learned that self-defence must be balanced with the need for toleration and respect for other cultures. Continuous war for Americans and Israelis have diminished that capacity due to the moral bankruptcy of warrior states and a paranoid style of external affairs. Where is Senator Kerry or Clinton or McCain giving a press conference condemning this carnage? Where is the president at this moment? This opportunity to begin the end of the war against Islam is being wasted as we turn a Judeo-Christian deaf ear to this horror. Who in this government of money laundering, militarisation and arrogance has the decency to stop this slaughter of innocent Palestinians and Lebanese? Who has the courage in America to stand up to Israel? Our failure to do so, was in some measure I believe, the cause of September 11. Our failure to do so will continue to alienate a generation of Muslims who see us for what we are: A ruthless supporter of a nation that has occupied land, bombed hospitals, cut off water supply, bombed civilians, threatened to invade and bomb Syria and Iran for three soldiers. This is the true face of America and Israel.

Photo encountered on

The security of Israel cannot be gained through force of arms. Only through land for peace and a recognition that the Arab Nation, while not perfect and certainly not "western" in its views of gender equality, is entitled to land, reparations, and repatriation. The State of Israel led to the displacement of 100,000s of Arabs who had lived there for generations. This was not an empty wilderness, a isolated island but the establishment of a foreign state, using scriptural writings as its land claim, in the MIDDLE of Palestine.

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Understanding China, D.P.R.K. Relations and U.S. Military Presence

The relationship between the D.P.R.K. and China is close and will remain so despite U.S. efforts to isolate North Korea yet cynically use China to advance U.S. interests on  the Korean Peninsula. The U.S. should not expect the D.P.R.K and China to split apart. They need each other. They see the U.S. as a threat. The D.P.R.K represents a huge refugee problem for China should it destabilise and far apart. The trade between them is large by North Korean standards. Both China and the D.P.R.K have strained relations with Japan which is a virtual U.S. colony in terms of foreign and military matters. The U.S. does not understand the history or the geopolitical realities of Sino-Korean relations. They both feel lingering hostility toward Japan due to its expansionism in World War II. They are both threatened by America which creates further rapprochement. They are both socialist states but with widely differing economic structures and outcomes. They are Asian.

 The flags of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and China.

The bilateral relationship between China and the D.P.R.K has deep roots. During the Korean War which began in 1950 the opposing forces surged up and down the peninsula: and at one point the communists of North Korea had advanced as far south as Pusan. Then there were counterattacks and U.S. forces and the South Koreans surged up to the Chinese border as it raced across North Korea. In October 1950 with American forces at their door at the Yalu River and the arrogant, warmonger General Douglas MacArthur talking about invading China by bombing their bases in Manchuria—he was eventually relieved of his command in April 1951—Chinese military units entered the Korean War. Chinese military forces crossed the border and joined the North Koreans as they liberated Pyongyang in December 1950 and drove U.S. imperialist forces (an appropriate term even though fighting under U.N. Security Council auspices) and the South Koreans back across the 38th parallel retaking Seoul.

The D.P.R.K is deeply grateful for the Chinese support in the war which killed some 3 million Koreans, left 1 million homeless, a million Chinese dead and 35,000 Americans K.I.A. An armistice was signed in June 1953 which was more of a cease-fire line and not a peace treaty or a formal end to the war.

It is not ironic that the only foreign power to have a significant troop presence in East Asia is the U.S. Japan's Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere was their not very subtle description of their thirst for empire during the war. Australia is an episodic occupying power in East Timor but for much of Asia, they see the U.S. as the "successor state" to Japanese expansionism. It is clear to me that the American military presence in Northeast Asia is very destabilizing. Even Pat Buchanan has called for the removal of U.S. forces from the Korean Peninsula in the event of D.P.R.K. military escalation across the DMZ!!

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Israel, Gaza, Lebanon and U.S. Interests

The US condemns Syria and Iran for the capture of two Israeli soldiers. Apparently only the U.S. is entitled to a coalition in the region and efforts of the Palestinians to do so is linked to "terrorism." Three Israel Defence Forces have been captured, two by Hezbollah and one by the Palestinians. Israel has invaded two countries as a result: Lebanon, which it departed from in 2000 after a brutal eighteen year occupation, and Palestine. Such aggression is beyond any possible moral justification. It is worse than Saddam's incursion in Kuwait in 1990 and is consistent with the U.S. murderous invasion of Iraq in 2003. The U.S. needs to understand that its war against Islam is to a large extent generated by the Arab perception that the U.S. does not value Muslim life as it does Israeli.

For the record: the taking of soldiers is not a war crime but is common in war. The Israeli soldiers are POW and while they must be treated humanely under the Geneva Convention, the detention of enemy combatants is a long and legitimate tradition in the course of war. Israeli soldiers are not children and should not be construed as so precious as to merit such massive military overreaction.

I think the U.S. is so hardened in its war against Islam that as during the Cold War it cannot make distinctions between legitimate and other forms of aspirations. The Israeli military kills Arabs with impunity. They refuse to allow a Palestinian state. They refuse to disband their concentration camp barrier that snakes through the occupied territories particularly in the West Bank. The U.S. construes Israel, that uses American materiel against an enemy without Apaches, without tanks, without artillery, as an ally in its war against Islam. It is not; the horrors, refugee displacement and brutal killings by Israel have certainly motivated Al Qaeda in its plan of attacks against the U.S.

The U.S. cannot expect its refusal to stop Israeli mass murder against the virtually defenceless Palestinians to advance its interests. The world knows that the crimes against the Palestinians is an Israeli-US product. American national interests requires that Israel abandon All settlements; that it cease invading Palestinian land; that it tear down its wall. That it negotiate directly with Hamas and Hezbollah. Diplomacy must be an option in resolving international disputes.

Does Israel really believe it had the right to invade Gaza, destroy its electrical grids, bomb its bridges, kill civilians, rampage through the desolate strip of land on the Mediterranean, kill Hamas political leaders elected  by the people because of one soldier? Is that soldier's life worth more than all the Arabs they have killed? Is his life so precious that any means can be used to attempt to secure his release? Does the taking of two soldiers in the North justify Israeli invasion and attacks in Lebanon? No Israel has violated the just war notion of proportionality in which force being used is indiscriminate, excessive and not justified by military necessity and the precipitating action. No single soldier merits this type of mass destruction. It is immoral and a disgrace to the sinews of civilisation and military decency.

The disproportionate amount of damage done to Israel is miniscule in terms of life and property. Israel because of American largesse, is an armed superpower that brandishes its American-made weapons with indiscriminate force. The Arab insurgents see this, they plan counterattacks, they attack US interests from New York to Washington to Africa. The U.S. needs to understand that Israel and the U.S. do not have identical national security interests and that the war against Islam is not based on different ideologies and different views of freedom and democracy. To a large extent it is the product of oppression and brutal military action and a bias of the United States toward Israel that borders on racism and a failure to understand the plight of the Palestinian, Lebanese and other Muslim peoples.

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Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Flag Patch

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D.P.R.K. Fears American Aggression and a New Korean War

North Korea almost daily accuses the U.S. of provocative actions that seek to destabilise the nation and engage in regime change. This particular release concerns joint maneuvers between South Korea and the U.S. Note it is somewhat subdued in its criticism of South Korea. This is the real game here. The U.S. wants tension with the North so it can maintain its imperialist forces in the south. American interests, as defined by the warrior elites who gave us slavery, genocide, and a Pentagon that is destroying both America and the planet, are threatened by either unification of both halves of Korea or a significant diminution of tension. South Korea wants reunification and better relations with the North: "thousands of South Koreans travel to the North each month for tourism, business and a multitude of exchanges." (NYT)

If there is détente between the Koreas, the U.S. is concerned that its imperial ambitions for Chinese containment and Northeast Asia dominance would be threatened. The U.S. knows that global conflict is its only card. It has no plans for an American role in a peaceful world. It knows that war, imperialism and feeding the maniacal Pentagon budget that is a disgrace beyond my powers of expression are its only stock in trade.

Anyone with knowledge of global affairs recognises that the firing of seven D.P.R.K. missiles on July 4, 2006 into the Sea of Japan is probably a tenth of what the U.S. fires DAILY at Muslims, in training exercises or its proxy Israel uses to murder babies and infants in Palestine. It is almost farcical for the U.S. to create a global crisis over nothing. Yet remember, this is about maintaining global conflict and tension: the fuel of the U.S. as it has no plans but war, racism and neoconservative visions of an American colonised world. It will fail and the chickens will come home to roost as we are seeing in the disaster of Iraq.

Also I presume the North Korean missiles were not armed. I have not read that they were. Clearly if they were armed, the Scuds and Taepodong-2 with conventional-high explosive warheads, I would be more critical of them. You do not want nations firing live ammunition whether on a missile, an artillery shell or a gravity bomb in a provocative manner but I have not seen any confirmation that the weapons exploded or contained explosive material. Of course had they fallen on land, and I doubt if the Scuds had the range to reach Japan, that would be another matter even if unarmed because they could certainly kill persons through the sheer impact of the rocket. All rockets landed in the Sea of Japan.

U.S. Reckless War Scheme under Fire

   Pyongyang, July 10 (KCNA) — Now the U.S.-led joint military exercises RIMPAC-2006 in the Pacific waters have reached the highest pitch. Rodong Sinmun in a commentary Monday brands the large-scale exercises staged by the U.S. imperialists after the Cold War as an extremely provocative and dangerous gamble aimed at the second Korean war.
    Noting that the Bush team leaves no stone unturned in its attempts to ignite a new war on the Korean Peninsula, regarding the peninsula as the key link in implementing its Asia strategy of aggression, the analyst goes on:
    The U.S. has realigned and redeployed its armed forces as a whole in south Korea and around the peninsula involving Japan in preparation for a new Korean war. On the other hand, it put the plan for a war of aggression on Korea in a concrete form and is frantically staging a test and preliminary war under the plan.
    The U.S. imperialists claim that the RIMPAC-2006 war game is for "the security of sea routes" and "an action against terrorism." This, however, is a cunning ruse to cover up its aggressive and dangerous nature.
    Through the RIMPAC, the U.S. has refined in the past the mode of combat action of multi-national forces according to the aggressive military strategy toward Korea. This is evidenced by the fact that south Korea, Japan and other participants in the war gamble look forward to their involvement in NATO's "world partnership program."
    This move of the U.S. imperialists did not proceed merely from a scheme to expand NATO. Underlying it is their dangerous intention to drag the NATO forces into a Korean war of aggression.
    As the world is worried, a new war on the Korean Peninsula may entail catastrophic consequences.

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A Secret Revealed: Witnessing Racist Violence in the Military at Ft Leonard Wood and its Relationship to Iraq

When I was in basic training at Ft Leonard Wood in Missouri, Army and National Guard Reservists were training with active duty army. There was an African-American who for some reason several whites did not like. I do not recall his name and do not recall any direct interaction with him. Part of our stupid and senseless training were night-time maneuvers and with two to a tent. The person I shared the tent with was from Chicago and a tough kid from the streets.

He was very rough, aggressive, and many of the active duty and reservists feared him. We were also in the same barracks and I will merely provide his first name, Al. In the barracks our beds were face to face as it were. There were eight beds, four to a row in the room and I was fortunately next to the wall with the only windows. From the beginning, he was very nice to me because I was the most educated in our room and interestingly he saw me as a mentor and not as an elitist from another social class. I would read his girlfriend’s mail to him if he could not understand a word and even helped him compose letters to her. When we were using pugil sticks to simulate bayonet hand-to-hand combat, we would always team up and he would knock me down gently. I had it made. At one point, he went A.W.O.L. from basic and I tried to talk him out of it. Only I knew he was leaving to meet his girlfriend off barracks. He did return and was not severely punished. I was glad because he was really a complex person, with a lot of sentimentality but needed direction.

Anyway in our tent one night on maneuvers, Al told me a bunch of them were going to go to the tent of the African-American and beat him up. I was in graduate school working on my masters degree at Saint Louis University and tried to use all my powers of persuasion to deter him. I told him it was wrong. I told him he had no right to hurt someone. I told him not to join the others and that violence was never productive. He listened to me; he always did, but I could not dissuade him. In the middle of the night, he left the tent on his mission of attacking, along with others, the African American. When he returned I asked him what happened. He said they “hurt him pretty bad.”

The next day I noticed the man was puffy in his face, as he had been beaten presumably with fists and very sullen. I do not think he was severely injured or maimed by this attack but he was obviously a victim of an assault. For days I kept telling Al this was wrong. I am glad I had the morals to do this but regretted I could not successfully deter him from this hate crime.

No one was punished. No one was courtmartialed. No one was arrested. Everyone knew eventually this attack took place and I presume given the African-American’s face, the drill sergeants knew it as well. You could see his face. Yet there was a conspiracy of silence. There was inadequate supervision. The military refused to investigate this and punish the perpetrators.

Today in Iraq, soldiers are also engaging in acts of racism and rage, on a much more horrendous scale than what I witnessed. Yet the military is only reluctantly FOUR years into the conflict beginning to prosecute killers and criminals. The military must uphold standards of decency and not adopt a “brotherhood” mentality of taking care of their own. From the assault at Ft Leonard Wood to murders in Iraq, I am convinced that crimes, and certainly what happend in basic training was a criminal assault, are overlooked, covered up and ignored unless exposed by the press or publicly revealed by a member of the military.

I am proud of the fact that I tried to prevent this assault. I am not proud that I did nothing after it took place despite not directly witnessing it and only being a private. To this day, I have wanted to express my horror over this incident and believe the war in Iraq is an opportunity to do so. Basic training and active duty are intended to dehumanise the soldier, strip her or him of their identity and train them to kill. Such a brutal environment is most resistant to civilised restraints on conduct. Another reason why war destroys a sense of humanity beyond the “band of brothers: white brothers.”

I see the atrocities in Iraq and I wonder whether the Bush administration even considered the suffering and the military mentality that would invevitably lead to such brutal and horrific acts in country. They are also to blame and are criminals that should be arrested and prosecuted for war crimes.

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Members of 101st Airborne: Rapists, Murderers, Defilers of the Dead in Mahmudiya

This is the latest atrocity that is being prosecuted involving Private First Class Steven Green and others who are part of the Fort Campbell, Ky.-based 101st Airborne Division. The murders took place in Mahmudiya, about twenty miles south of Baghdad, on March 12, 2006. A woman, Abeer Qassim Hamza, was raped and murdered and her father, mother and sister were shot dead in their home by these invaders.

Mr Green had already been discharged from the Army for unspecified mental causes. I wonder what they were and whether the United States military knowingly turned a sociopath loose on the streets although I am assuming his discharge preceded knowledge of this specific incident. Had he abused however, others before his dismissal and why was he discharged without apparent punishment?

Yet there are greater ramifications other than repeated acts of war crimes by our military personnel as we were told an all volunteer force would be more "professional" and "efficient" than conscripts. War corrupts all militaries:

Are we superior to North Korea and the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Are we really noble warriors who wage war with professionalism and honour?

The fact that much of the world sees us as using terror to defeat "terror" is part of the problems the U.S. faces when it uses diplomatic means to advance its interests. U.S. esteem is so tarnished that the world could care less if America is upset by North Korea's weapons' programme, ballistic missile or nuclear, and Iran's developing nuclear capacities. Our security interests are more difficult to gather coalition support for whether it is in Iraq, Iran, North Korea or even Afghanistan.

A superpower that invades countries, commits atrocities, refuses to punish senior military officers or civilians with war crimes, tortures, builds death camps at Guantánamo, defies the civilised community in waging ruthless, unjust wars cannot expect multilateral support of its policies.

We may think our nation is just; we may believe we are superior to others; we may believe that only the U.S. is entitled to nuclear and other W.M.D., but increasingly the world is turning its back on us and ignoring our entreaties to engage in crisis after crisis and crisis. The world wants peace, we want war, or at least engage in it more frequently than others, except for Israel, and have lost the respect of much of the world. That is the reality. Our only weapon is the bomb and the missile and that simply isolates this rogue nation even more.

We expect China to assist us in demilitarising the D.P.R.K. Yet we bash China repeatedly over Taiwan, their alleged undervalued currency, their desire, GOOD heavens, to industrialise and use more petroleum as if we alone are entitled to this raw material and their trade deficit with the U.S. which helps thwart inflation. We will possibly at some point use them as the next villian, the next Soviet empire to maintain our thirst for conflict and power dominance. So why should China, fearful of a mass refugee crisis from North Korea, seek to tame or disarm an adversary of the U.S? The chickens come home to roost. We think we can dominate the world militarily; when we seek alternative diplomatic tools, the world rejects us because of their disgust of the former–our use or threat of military force on an almost daily basis.

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North Korea Gives a Reasoned, Intelligent Analysis of their Rights and Reasons to test B.M.D.

I am certain that the U.S. press will ignore this release by the North Korean foreign ministry. Frankly I did not anticipate such a mature, comprehensive defence of its rocket testing and it is remarkable that only one side of the issue is reflected in the media. At Mr Bush's press conference at the Museum of Science Industry in Chicago today, not one question on North Korea reflected any sophistication or effort to understand their rationale. The questions were about whether the U.S. would use military force, how it would get the D.P.R.K. to stop testing missiles without any sense of understanding the dynamics of the situation from the perspective of Korea.             

The press has a responsibility to provide information from disparate sources including nation-states that the administration has conflict with. An informed public requires the dissemination of information that provides multiple perspectives. I wonder how many sources in addition to this blog would even consider reproducing an official statement from North Korea. It is outrageous that the cancer of nationalism and blind patriotism continues to subvert and dominate press coverage of external affairs.

D.P.R.K. Foreign Ministry Spokesman on Its Missile Launches

   Pyongyang, July 6 (KCNA) — A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to a question raised by KCNA Thursday as regards the missile launches in the DPRK: In the wake of the missile launches by the Korean People's Army the U.S. and some other countries following it, including Japan, are making much ado about a serious development. They are terming them "violation" and "provocation" and calling for "sanctions" and "their referral to the UN Security Council."
    The latest successful missile launches were part of the routine military exercises staged by the KPA to increase the nation's military capacity for self-defence.
    The DPRK's exercise of its legitimate right as a sovereign state is neither bound to any international law nor to bilateral or multilateral agreements such as the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration and the joint statement of the six-party talks.
    The DPRK is not a signatory to the Missile Technology Control Regime and, therefore, is not bound to any commitment under it.
    As for the moratorium on long-range missile test-fire which the DPRK agreed with the U.S. in 1999, it was valid only when the DPRK-U.S. dialogue was under way.
    The Bush administration, however, scrapped all the agreements its preceding administration concluded with the DPRK and totally scuttled the bilateral dialogue.
    The DPRK had already clarified in March 2005 that its moratorium on the missile test-fire lost its validity.
    The same can be said of the moratorium on the long-range missile test-fire which the DPRK agreed with Japan in the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration in 2002.
    In the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration the DPRK expressed its "intention to extend beyond 2003 the moratorium on the missile fire in the spirit of the declaration."

    This step was taken on the premise that Japan moved to normalize its relations with the DPRK and redeem its past.
    The Japanese authorities, however, have abused the DPRK's good faith. They have not honored their commitment but internationalized the "abduction issue," pursuant to the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK, although the DPRK had fully settled the issue. This behavior has brought the overall DPRK-Japan relations to what was before the publication of the declaration.
    It is a manifestation of the DPRK's broad magnanimity that it has put on hold the missile launch so far under this situation.
    The joint statement of the six-party talks on September 19, 2005 stipulates the commitments to be fulfilled by the six sides to the talks to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.
    But no sooner had the joint statement been adopted than the U.S. applied financial sanctions against the DPRK and escalated pressure upon it in various fields through them. The U.S., at the same time, has totally hamstrung the efforts for the implementation of the joint statement through such threat and blackmail as large-scale military exercises targeted against the DPRK.
    It is clear to everyone that there is no need for the DPRK to unilaterally put on hold the missile launch under such situation.
    Such being a stark fact, it is a far-fetched assertion grossly falsifying the reality for them to claim that the routine missile launches conducted by the KPA for self-defence strain the regional situation and block the progress of the dialogue.
    It is a lesson taught by history and a stark reality of the international relations proven by the Iraqi crisis that the upsetting of the balance of force is bound to create instability and crisis and spark even a war.
    But for the DPRK's tremendous deterrent for self-defence, the U.S. would have attacked the DPRK more than once as it had listed the former as part of an "axis of evil" and a "target of preemptive nuclear attack" and peace on the Korean Peninsula and in the region would have been seriously disturbed.

    The DPRK's missile development, test-fire, manufacture and deployment, therefore, serve as a key to keeping the balance of force and preserving peace and stability in Northeast Asia.
    It is also preposterous for them to term the latest missile launches a "provocation" and the like for the mere reason that the DPRK did not send prior notice about them.
    It would be quite foolish to notify Washington and Tokyo of the missile launches in advance, given that the U.S., which is technically at war with the DPRK, has threatened it since a month ago that it would intercept the latter's missile in collusion with Japan.
    We would like to ask the U.S. and Japan if they had ever notified the DPRK of their ceaseless missile launches in the areas close to it.
    The DPRK remains unchanged in its will to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula in a negotiated peaceful manner just as it committed itself in the September 19 joint statement of the six-party talks.
    The latest missile launch exercises are quite irrelevant to the six-party talks.
    The KPA will go on with missile launch exercises as part of its efforts to bolster deterrent for self-defence in the future, too.

    The DPRK will have no option but to take stronger physical actions of other forms, should any other country dares take issue with the exercises and put pressure upon it.

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North Korea’s I.C.B.M. It’s Time to Have Disarmament but the U.S. Must Go First with confidence building measures.

Taepodong-2 ballistic missile (photo by
Taepodong-2 ballistic missile (photo by

Due to the static and self-destructive nature of American foreign relations, the U.S. can only emphasise the need for the D.P.R.K. to suspend or cancel its ballistic missile programme. This is a programme the tiny nation has been working on perhaps since the 1970s. It is an integral part of their military culture and strivings for both national security and national honour. In that sense, its love of weaponry is like the United States. Our love of missiles, of Predator drones, of multi-fleet navies, of bunkerbusters. We name cities, build monuments, put on magazine covers, warriors and their weapons.

I wrote an article for Art in America, "The Atomic Museum," that chronicled the love of nukes as they were displayed in museums from California, to Los Alamos, to Wright-Patterson, to St. Louis's Forest Park. So we should not be surprised when little countries try to emulate the superpower: particularly those that feel threatened by American imperialist hegemony.

Yet the U.S. could easily defuse this crisis with North Korea. Simply agree to rejoin the A.B.M. treaty with Russia and abandon its maniacal and evil ballistic missile defence system at Ft. Greeley in Alaska and in California. I have outlined other suggestions in the posts beneath this one. I am convinced that the D.P.R.K. construes this emerging B.M.D. (ballistic missile defence) system as an effort to create a first-strike nuclear capability against it. That means the U.S. could launch nuclear weapons, destroy the little Korean country and not face a second-strike retaliatory launch. I concede the U.S. could do this now but would create unacceptable instability in terms of the Russian and Chinese nuclear deterrent. However, I am pretty sure the U.S. is not that concerned about the D.P.R.K.'s missile tests. It sees it as a chance to justify its own B.M.D. system–even though perhaps it is aimed more at China than North Korea.

Also the U.S. governing circles live only for power and mastery. They love war. They think their hypocrisy will fool the world. Point out the world's condemnation of the D.P.R.K. and yet are silent on their own aggressive, unjust war against Iraq despite global revulsion and protest. So until some nation or group of nations can contain the monstrosity of American miitary power and its deployment, the world may have few options other than the regrettable one of having nuclear armed states that can somehow prevent the U.S. from invading and bombing countries throughtout the world. If a revolution were to happen in America, perhaps a new way of thinking would be possible. However for now, the world must strategise and devise methods and strategies to stop the U.S. from its crazed mission of global hegemony and frankly self-destruction. That is the state of America today and no nation in the world is as much a threat to international peace and security.

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Ft Eustis, a component of the empire, visits Web log.

Ft Eustis is in Virginia and is involved in transportation and logistics management. I wonder if they have any thoughts about the Congressional majorities that tried to prevent flag desecration, spoke about supporting the troops, but sending them into combat without armoured Humvees. Of course it's not their sons and daughter who die for oil, neoconservative Zionists and vicious, rogue killers who call other states terrorist and axis of evil. Yet as I say repeatedly, I am glad when military personnel visit and as people know, I am quite willing to enage in dialogue with women and men who wear the uniform.

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